What’cha Gonna Find Here

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What’cha gonna find here? Here, you will find an assortment of all things reading related. Lets break it down:

Have you found yourself in a book funk (don’t lie, we’ve all been there)? I will provide a list of books in a number of different genres that will for sure suit your fancy!

Want a specific TYPE of book and don’t want to spend hours scouring through general genre’s looking for that little golden ticket? I will have a break down in genre’s that will be easily accessible to find said golden ticket!

Books that are BUDGET FRIENDLY? Yes, there is such a thing and I will provide a variety of suggestions for you!

Maybe something that is off the scales smutty? (Every girl needs a bit of smut every now and then-no need to blush;) You will find a collage of panty melting books that are off the charts smutty and with book covers that will let that little inner book cover fiend out!

Or are you thinking of opening the door to the wonderful world of e-readers or even (que gasp) tablets?! I’ll provide the ins and outs, pros and cons, one device vs another devise, and all the other little bits that you’ll need to help you make an informed decision on as to what works best for YOU!

I will give my honest opinion on all things reading and alike! All this with a few extra little nuggets of literature gold just for YOU 😉


Now lets get this show on the road!