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Mariana Zapata Just Keeps Getting Them Right!

Holy smoking pants on fire My Little Gum-Drops! Mariana Zapata has given us a home run with Wait For It so put the bunny slippers on, pull the “buy” trigger cause you will NOT be disappointed with Mariana Zapata’s, Wait For It!

Mariana Zapata gives us another contemporary sports romance with Wait For It but it has a different feel to it than her other contemporary sports romance, Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. It is by no means not as good and I loved it all just the same but in a different way. If you haven’t read Kulti or The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, your Wait For It experience won’t be hindered and you won’t be lost but some of the characters in there do make an appearance. I do recommend reading them first….not only to get the same “hey, they’re in here!” but they’re also bloody awesome books!

Now, enough of that! Park your hinny, I will stop my yammering and get on with Mariana Zapata’s, Wait For It, review!

The Hard In Wait For It

Wait For It is told from our heroine’s, Diana Casillas’, point of view. If you’ve read Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, you’ll know who she is and the fiery spunk she has.

Diana has come into custody of her nephews, Josh (10 years old) and Louis (5 years old), after losing her brother, Rodrigo suddenly, followed shortly after with the boys mom/stepmom. Two years after the tragic blow that Diana and the boys endured they are starting fresh in a new city and new house. And this is where we meet our Hero, Dallas, who is one of her neighbors and lands up being Josh’s, head baseball coach.

Diana and Dallas first ‘meet and greet’ isn’t one of your run of the mill, “Hi, nice to meet you, names Diana”. No, Diana’s life couldn’t be that easy anymore. She basically saves Dallas’ jerk of a brother’s life and then comes face to face with a half naked Dallas. Yes, definitely NOT the run of the mill introduction! Of course, like any hot blooded woman, she checks out the half naked Dallas, who oddly enough, does NOT appreciate! Dallas takes serious offence, figuring that she is all about getting all up in his business…and it’s not the paperwork type, and this starts the push and pull between them.

Diana is struggling to find the balance of finding herself, raising a 5 and 10 year old that have lost the loves of their young lives, along with her own grief of losing her own hero. Toss in a good looking, aloof, jump to conclusions, cranky pants, aka Dallas, into the works of her chaotic emotional roller coaster of a life that has been thrust upon her and where does this leave her?

Does she go to her old ways, not give a single crap about who is watching or affect it’ll have on anyone else and tell Dallas where to go with his jumping to conclusion ways?

Or does she find that balance of teaching herself and the boys about growing up?

The Unexpected Softness

Dallas I found is different from the heroes in Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. He doesn’t have that edge of not giving even a little bit of a crap if he hurts other people’s feelings. Right from the get go in Wait For It, you see that Dallas has a softness to him but has been burned and this greatly affects his reactions to women and has him jumping to conclusions within like 2.5 seconds of meeting a woman.

He’s not arrogant but just…..I’d have to say wary….yeah, that’s the word I’m looking for. His softness is shown with the kids that he coaches and this is where you see the complexity of his wary, hard, judgmental ways of women.

Does Dallas put his harsh, jumping to conclusions ways, aside long enough to see the woman that Josh and Louis love with all their hearts?

Or does his hook ups get the best of him and he misses out on one of life’s precious gifts?

Does he let his feelings of getting burnt go?

What Does Mariana Zapata Give Us In Wait For It?

Mariana Zapata gives us a totally different heroine with Diana in Wait For It. Since I’ve read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, I got a good look and feel for Diana and I loved her in that book. I didn’t think I could like her anymore than I did before but Mariana Zapata proved me wrong with Wait For It cause she gave us a totally new Diana. In Wait for It, Diana is….well broken and trying to figure out how to mend the two little broken hearts that are in her care along with trying to mend her own at the same time.

I can say without any shadow of a doubt that Diana is by far the strongest heroine that I’ve come across to date. I know I’ve said this before but she is just….different. The amount of strength it takes to raise two little boys is a feat in its own but throw in having to be their pillar of strength when they have crumbled, put smiles on their faces and still remind them that there is still good in the world along with dealing with her own broken heart is just unimaginable. Mariana Zapata gave us that with Diana along with a shit ton of laughs-I know crazy! Diana’s struggle with trying to say the right thing and then the off the wall stuff that would come out of the boys mouth was just down right hilarious and frigging spot on!

Wait For It gave us a hero that had a soft and hard shell and how Mariana Zapata did that and made it work I don’t know but she did. Dallas has been through his own set of hardships so is no stranger to a shitty deck of cards. These hardships give him that amour he wears like a second skin BUT it is also what makes him soft and I just love how he wears both flawlessly. You actually get to see both sides at the same time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in a hero done so seamlessly has I did with Dallas.

We are privy to watching not only Diana grow but also Josh and Louis-again something I didn’t expect-and Dallas. All so differently and in their own way but it is just down right beautiful. Mariana Zapata gives us a raw, cut to the quick read with Wait For It.

My final Thoughts On Wait For It?

Wait For It was NOT AT ALL what I expected but I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Mariana Zapata gave me an emotional wringer with Wait For It and was completely caught off guard. There were a few times that I had to put the book down cause my emotions were so damn frayed I barely knew what to do with myself. BUT I went back, took the journey that Wait For It provided and came out loving it.

Like every one of Mariana Zapata’s books, the love doesn’t happen over night, it grows and gives us the slow burn we all love. There isn’t as much smut in Wait For It as I like, which I thought would bug the bejeezus out of me but somehow it doesn’t and I honestly don’t even know why.

Wait For It had me bawling like a baby, giggling like a school girl, and saying, “that is so true! I don’t know what in the hell to say either when that happens!”. Mariana Zapata gave me one of the rawest reads I’ve ever had with Wait For It and I have a feeling it is going to stick with me for a good while. For that and that alone Mariana Zapata has made it to the top ‘favourite authors’ list. I don’t normally like these raw, so very real, emotional wringers but I enjoyed this one-even without feeling pissy about the smut factor being lower than I’m used to.

Mariana Zapata you’ve done it again with Wait For It! Wait For It isn’t one I’ll come back to often but will definitely be up there beside Kulti, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, and Under Locke!





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  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Jenn!

    I apologize for my tardy response! I’m glad that your interest is piqued! You can’t go wrong with anything by Mariana Zapata so I hope you enjoy, Wait For It!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts once your done so feel free to stop back in for a chat 🙂 . Thanks so much for reading my review and leaving your thoughts on it!


  • Jenn

    I’m eager to read Wait For It! I was on the fence about purchasing the book, but now my curiosity is piqued!