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T.M. Frazier Delivers On The Wicked!

If you think you know what you’re getting with Tyrant? Yeahhhh, think again My Little Blossoms because T.M. Frazier will have your head spinning in the best way possible!! Get the finger ready to press “BUY”! Let your inner beast out and push all the innocent bystanders out of the way in whatever store your in to get your own copy of Tyrant!

STOP! If you haven’t read King then you must go back and read it because you will not have a clue as to what is going on.

I want to give you a heads up that T.M. Frazier has really knocked it out with this one and she sucker punches you with her ‘no bars held’ style of writing. So with that being said, I will warn you that there could be some triggers for some people and there is a rape scene. Tyrant is quite a bit darker than King, there is still no BDSM but there is a different kind of erotic darkness here.

I will also mention that I will be fairly vague on this review as to not give or take anything away. Just enough to give you an idea as to what T.M. Frazier gives you.

Enough with my yammering on! I will give you the skinny on Tyrant! Park the tush, push whomever is occupying the best reading chair, grab your poison of the week! Alright My Little Chicklets get prepared to be amazed with my review on T.M. Frazier’s, Tyrant 😉 !

Just A Teaser For You!

Tyrant is once again told in duel point of view and picks up right where King ended but instead of Doe or Rami’s point of view, we start out King’s.

As we know, Doe/Pup/Rami/Ray, finds out she is a Mom to son named Samuel (crazy! I know!) and was engaged to Tanner in her previous life and this is where her journey begins in finding who she was before she lost everything. Where all she has is feelings of confusion on who she was previously, who she has in her life now, and how to make it all work with who she IS NOW, King has the exact opposite.

He has never been more certain on what he wants and he knows what he has to do and who he has to let loose in order to get all that he has lost.

But will his Pup still be just that, his Pup, when he is ready? And will she still want King after she sees the darkness that has been lurking?

Or will Tanner and Samuel clear the confusion she is so desperately lost in and all will be lost to King?

What Does T.M. Frazier Give Us In Tyrant?

T.M. Frazier gives us a completely different yet the same heroine in Tyrant vs King. I mean, if you’ve read King, you’ll understand this to a degree. Doe honestly starts out in Tyrant as just that, Doe, she is not Ray at all. T.M. Frazier gives us a front row seat to see the internal struggle of Doe accepting Ray but it’s not in the way you think or expect and T.M. Frazier does a beauty of a job of making YOU feel that struggle right along side Doe. The confusion that Doe/Ray feels of  having two completely different people all combined into one and trying to find a balance of the two and not lose either one, is heartbreaking to watch but the end result is totally worth it. There is a different kind of strength to Doe….one that is a bit more sharp edged and cunning, it sounds like a bad thing but when you get to see who Ray was, you’ll see it just freaking works.

I’m going to touch briefly on Bear here because we get to see more of him in Tyrant for reasons that shall not be named (MmmHmm, you know what I’m talking about and I’m sure you all threw the same size adult tantrum as me-don’t lie!) and I’m just gonna say that T.M. Frazier will have you dishing out all kinds of looove for Bear! Even though we don’t get his point of view we get fairly good idea as to who Bear is and the reason for his downward spiral is absolutely brutal and will have you cringing as well as wiping some serious tears.

T.M. Frazier gives us the sinister Brantley King that we only seen brief glimpses of in King. Yeahhh, T.M. Frazier gets us all up in that business in Tyrant and Brantley King brings forth a reign of terror. King still has the strength that he had in the book, King, but he’s got a calm, calculating, slightly unhinged-ness to him here. The little rays of light that he had in King are no where in sight in Tyrant and he is a force to be reckoned with. It’s pretty frigging awesome to see the Brantley King that we heard so much about in King make his appearance in Tyrant.

T.M. Frazier still delivers well rounded characters but the complexities to them is tenfold in Tyrant. The balance that we are so used to seeing in books is not there with Tyrant. T.M. Frazier makes us work with King and Doe/Ray/Pup to find that balance and it’s one hell of a ride to get there but so damn worth it!

My Final Thoughts On Tyrant?

I have to say that I loved it and, amazingly, I loved it just as much as I loved King. T.M. Frazier delivered on the darker element that I was looking for in Tyrant. King was a bit on the lighter side so I was wanting that darker edge and T.M. Frazier delivered it for me!

I didn’t think I could like Doe any more than I did in King but somehow I did in Tyrant. The internal power struggle that she has throughout Tyrant is an emotion roller coaster that you just don’t want to get off of! My heart just broke for Doe when she is trying to find the balance between who she was in the past and who she is today and to not lose them both. Doe/Ray has a touch of rebellion in her that had me saying, “Ha! Stick it!”, on a many occasions so instead of the humour that we seen previously in King but we get this….a bit wily heroine here.

I can’t say much with our Brantley King other than he satisfied my little dark fiend! He didn’t become completely unhinged when he lost Pup. No, he turned into the composed, calculating, stone cold, man that I wanted! He truly was the “judge, jury, and motherfucking executioner” in Tyrant and T.M. Frazier made me love every minute of it! I think my favourite part about Brantley King was that his darkness could be tamed and that it’s his Pup who is the master of that. Can only be described as, incredible!

Of course T.M. Frazier delivers on the ‘fidgeting in your seat’ sexy times that can only be described as erotic! But once again, there is an edge here and it’s more than what we see in King….it’s actually pretty crazy how they differ in Tyrant to King.

Did T.M. Frazier find herself another spot on my ‘re-read’ shelf? Duh!, Yes! Tyrant lived up to everything I was expecting but gave me a boat load of what I wasn’t. I got the suspense I wanted, the angst and inner turmoil from all the characters, cringing, cover my eyes moments, and the smut level was right up there with the best of them. I can’t ask for anything more from T.M. Frazier. You exceeded my expectations with Tyrant, T.M. Frazier! Job well done!



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  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Heather!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my review 🙂 Yeah, it was a nice surprise and only upped King’s hotness, lol! If that is even possible 😉

    If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Tyrant!

    Happy Reading Girly!

  • Heather

    Awesome review Amanda! I’m looking forward to see a different side to King!

    Thanks for writing the review!