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Get the cleats on and laced up! Ready….Set…..GO! Yup, that’s exactly IT My Little Peepers because you’ll all be tearing around like lunatics to get your very own copy of Mariana’s Zapata’s, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me!! Mariana Zapata has done it again with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me! If you are in the market or trolling for a snarky but with a touch of sweet, contemporary sports romance book than, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me is the way to go!

Honest, The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me, Truths

Like I’ve mentioned a few times, I will always give you my honest, unbiased opinion on books, and it won’t be any different with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I really didn’t think Mariana Zapata could do any better than she did with Kulti (another contemporary sports romance), Wait For It, and Under Locke (Motorcycle Club romance) but she gave us a top notch with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I will TRY to keep my The Wall of Winnipeg review not too long but this will be a bit of feat for me. Park your butts on something comfy and pull the “BUY” trigger, cause my review shall commence!

Say Whaaaat Now?

“”I’m going to murder his ass.””

I can honestly say that when I read that first line I was like “uhhhhh, say what now? Am I reading the right book?” but, trust me, it continues to get even better. The Wall of Winnipeg is written in our heroine, Vanessa’s point of view, and we get a good look into what is Vanessa and a little intriguing look on our Canadian hero, Aiden, within the first few pages.

Vanessa is Aiden’s personal assistant and wears the hat of a personal chef, maid, techno manager, personal shopper, sometimes chauffeur….I guess you could possibly think of her as a modern day Cinderella. But all those hats are only worn because she has bigger aspirations. She is a talented graphics designer and is really only working as a modern day Cinderella for Aiden because he pays well and she is on her way to living her dream; working for herself and pushing her artist ability with graphic designs full time.

For the most part Vanessa doesn’t mind working for Aiden and actually respects him in a lot of ways BUT in saying that she has LEARNED to accept his antisocial and “don’t give a crap” ways. Not always the easiest but somehow she was able to and actually grow that respect. Yes, well, like all things in life, respect can fly right out the window if taken for granted. Aiden’s luxury of having a modern day Cinderella is about to come to an abrupt end!…..Or does it?

Everyone has an “Achilles heel”…..and what does one do when their boss has found said heel?

Does Vanessa tell Aiden where to go and how to get there…and it’s not by lovely boat ride, or does she cave into his request and fall victim to the “Achilles heel”?

The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me’s “Wall Of Winnipeg”

Where do I even start with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me’s hero? Aiden (of course) is a hunk of gorgeousness but also a mountain of a man. Honestly,  he’s just a beast but (let’s be real here) one doesn’t become America’s best defence line backer if their a pipsqueak. Sporting that title, drop dead gorgeous looks, muscles that you could get lost in, you’d think that he’d be an egotistical, ‘paint the town red’ kind of guy but that actually is not the case.

He is so devoted and dedicated to football that I’m not sure he even knows how to be egotistical. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a….well a jerk…I guess would be the word but he’s more of the oblivious jerk or just couldn’t really give enough of a crap to actually MEAN to be a jerk.

But like everyone else in the world, the lumbering giant isn’t exempt from everyday trials, tribulations and rules. One of these rules, immigration rules to be specific, comes to bite Aiden in that tight hinney and it couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time.

Aiden’s inconsiderate, uncaring oblivious ways may have just cost him everything.

Does he put the evil kin-evil hat on and use Vanessa’s “Achilles heel” against her?

Aiden’s life may have just taken a drastic turn and he just might find that Vanessa’s “Achilles heel” is the answer to everything he’s been looking for….

What Does Mariana Zapata Give Us?

Like all of Mariana Zapata’s books, the characters are off the charts and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me was no different. Mariana Zapata gave us a heroine and hero that are just so realistic and true to themselves.

Vanessa is a character that had me cracking up with her dry wit in her internal dialogue. We were able to watch her grow and become stronger in a totally different sense. She was strong yet a bit of a push over at the same time. We were privy to see her find the balance of the two.  I can’t give you too much on that one because I just won’t provide her the justice she deserves. And with all that she has this tiny off the wall streak in her that….just works.

And Aiden, oh Aiden, he was another one that we got to see grow. It was just awe inspiring on how MUCH he grew cause let me tell you, he needed to grow! He, like Vanessa, was strong on so many levels but where she struggled with the back bone, Aiden struggled with….well for lack of better wording, being somewhat emotionally stunted. Aiden, “The Wall of Winnipeg”, grows to have a softer side. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t lose the indifferent, not “giving a crap” but it just gets softened out and it’s done beautifully.

Somehow Mariana Zapata was able to make all this work and make it believable with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. She was able to have them grow separately but also together at their own pace and yet at the same time.

My Final Thoughts On The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me?

Mariana Zapata has become one of my all time favourite authors and she primarily made this list do to her thorough character development, all without being long winded. I don’t find myself power reading with her even though you would think I would because she does go into quite a lot of depth. The smut level is right where I like it but it doesn’t hit the stage right away. She makes us wait, makes that slow burn linger, and anxious but Mariana Zapata still somehow does this without being annoying where your like, “get on with it!!!! I want sexy times dammit!!”. No, she does all this while you enjoy The Wall of Winnipeg and Me ride and are okay with the wait.

And when the sexy smexy times do come about? Well, lets just say that they are worth the wait!

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me gave me just the right amounts of giggling, “hell yeah! You go girl!”,  angry “Oh no he didn’t!”, happy “awww, that’s so sweet”, to “I don’t even know what to do with that…” bewilderment, along with just the right amount of sexy smexy feelings! Mariana Zapata taught me that there doesn’t need to be sexy times willy nilly in order to have me fidgeting in my seat.

All in all if an author is able to give me all that PLUS more than that’s a high ten from me! Frankly, Mariana Zapata delivers EXACTLY that and so much for in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. You nailed it right between the posts Mariana Zapata with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me! It is sitting on my ‘reread’ bookshelf right in between Under Locke, Wait For It, and Kulti!




I’d love to hear your thoughts on this sweet, quirky contemporary sports romance so please feel free to leave them below or drop me an email at: 🙂

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    Hi Shawna!
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    Yup, she is cray cray awesome! She is one of my all time favs and an insta-click author for me.

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  • Shawna

    Awesome review! I’ve heard this author is good! I think I’ll read this one.
    Thanks for doing this review Amanda!