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Happy Pants All Around For Tailored for Trouble!

A little bit of a different romantic comedy for Mimi Jean Pamfiloff with Tailored for Trouble but no less as awesome! You best get your finger ready to hit the “Buy” button or tie the laces on your best running shoes cause you’ll be off to the races….or Chapter’s, for Tailored for Trouble!! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff always seems to hit them right so you won’t be disappointed in your Tailored for Trouble purchase! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff? Uhhhh, YEAH!

I haven’t read a lot of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff as of late so when I stumbled upon Tailored for Trouble in my hunt for a romantic comedy that had a bit of bite to it, I struck GOLD here with Tailored for Trouble! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff started me off with the King Trilogy-completely different genre all together My Little Sugar Plums, quite some time ago so she kinda fell off my radar but I think I’ll be stalking her again, lol. Tailored by Trouble was more than I was expecting but enough with my chattering on, I will get down to business here!

Buy the latte, grab the peanut butter M&M’s (sinful little things they are!), and park that tushy because Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s review is about to commence!

Tailored For Trouble DOES Have Some Bite!

Tailored for Trouble is told from our heroine, Taylor’s, point of view and she catches your attention right off the bat with her dry, sharp, wittiness which had me giggling on more than one occasion.

Taylor was “fired” so to speak but she went out in a blaze of glory and she did this by putting her client, our Hero, Bennet Wade, in his place for the arrogant, smug, jerk that he is! The loss of her job leads her to start her own company that works with executives to teach them better leadership techniques through compassion……or in layman terms,

“Stop being such a dick to your people and you’ll make more money!”

Her business isn’t rolling in the success she had thought it would and this results in her making the painstaking decision to coach Mr. Bennet Wade of all people. As you can guess this is the start of their…..tumultuous yet hilarious “relationship”. Taylor doesn’t put up with any of Bennet’s arrogant ways and flat out just doesn’t listen to him or his demands. This, of course, goes over just gloriously with Bennet, who is used to having people jump to his every word and he just doesn’t know what to do with Taylor’s defiance and “don’t give a crap who you are” attitude towards him.

Taylor finds out a very disturbing secret (I’ll just tell you that when I read this little ditty I literally shouted, “NO WAY!!”, at my poor Kindle) in regards to her career that involves a number of executives and Bennet himself is the catalyst of all of it.

Taylor makes the decision that she will not just roll over and sets out on a crusade of revenge on Bennet. And she couldn’t have asked for an easier and unassuming ‘IN’ to enact this revenge than to work closely with Bennet all the while he is completely oblivious to Taylor’s revelation.

What better way to get revenge than to get in bed (literally!….Or not?….I’ll never tell…) with the devil himself!

One would think that it would be easy for Taylor to deliver her revenge after suffering such humility but what happens when she gets to see glimpses of the Bennet that no one else does? That is his reasons for the way he is and the decisions he makes are not as simple as they appear or as black and white as they seem?

Does Taylor succeed with her revenge? Or does she lose everything in her crusade?

What Does Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Give Us In Tailored For Trouble?

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff gives us a sweet, hilarious, quirky read with Tailored for Trouble, that has a touch of angst to it and somehow it all balances out.

Tailored for Trouble gives us a heroine, Taylor, that has a snark to her but isn’t harsh or off-putting. There is a softness she carries that just works and it brings out the best in our Hero, Bennet.

Bennet has just the right amount of harsh, brash, arrogance that has you wanting to give him the finger often but not so much that you want to walk away and just give up on him all together. The hardships and hard life lessons that Bennet had to go through and learn were heartbreaking and I think that is what makes him endearing…even when you want to punch him.

Bennet learns so much from Taylor and Taylor teaches Bennet so much all the while neither one of them are aware of the life lessons being taught. It’s truly beautiful to watch! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff pulls all of this off with a grace that very few can accomplish in a romantic comedy.

My Final Thoughts On Tailored For Trouble?

I went into Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s, Tailored for Trouble, in a pretty neutral frame of mind and found that I really enjoyed it.

Tailored for Trouble gave me two well rounded, balanced characters that had just the right amount of quirky-ness (Taylor) and asshole (Bennet) that I was looking for. Sometimes you can have too much of both of these things and it feels forced so I was pleased that Mimi Jean Pamfiloff didn’t run off course here. The supporting characters also did it for me and they had me laughing out loud with their antics with Taylor and even Bennet near the end.

I was surprised by the angst and drama that Mimi Jean Pamfiloff gave us since Tailored for Trouble is listed as a romantic comedy but, once again, somehow it flowed seamlessly throughout the book. I don’t know how she did it, I just know that when I got to the end I had the feeling of, “Huh, well…I really liked that. Not what I was expecting but still liked it”.

Now what you all have been waiting for! Does Mimi Jean Pamfiloff deliver the smut! Does Tailored for Trouble fall on the erotic books scale? I’d have to say, Yes, but it takes a little bit to get there. I will tell you though, that the journey is definitely worth it!

Sooooo, yes, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s, Tailored for Trouble, makes it on my ‘re-read’ shelf! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff gave me everything I didn’t even know I was looking for with Tailored for Trouble and I enjoyed every minute of the ride! You did it right with this romantic comedy Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!




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  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Meredith!

    I came across Mimi Jean Pamfiloff by complete accident a good while ago and she has become one of my favs! I hope you enjoy Tailored for Trouble 🙂