Soulless Review – Hells yeah T.M. Frazier!!

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I Think I’VE Lost My Soul To T.M. Frazier

Alright My Little Gum Drops! I know you all loooved T.M. Frazier’s King, Tyrant, and Lawless, so it should come as no surprise that you’ll enjoy Soulless just as much.

Don’t give your trigger finger a second thought and just let it fly onto the “Buy” button. Waiting in the line at Chapters? No need to push the innocent bystanders this time, be the cool cat that you are, hang back, then saunter up when your purchase time comes.

Okay, by this point we should all know that you MUST read King, Tyrant, and Lawless before you start your Soulless journey. But if you’re thinking of living on the wild side and skipping (sacrilege!) right up to Soulless? Yeah, DON’T! You won’t have the slightest clue as to what is going on and you will be, metaphorically, wandering around aimlessly by yourself.

My review on Soulless is going to be short and sweet….well maybe not sweet, lets be real here, T.M. Frazier isn’t rocking out a whole lotta sweet. So grab your beverage of choice (wine if the day is calling for it-no judgement here), whichever snacky treat that’s fancy-ing you at the moment, dump whoever is sitting in your chair, and ready yourself for my review on T.M. Frazier’s Soulless!

Worst Cliffhanger EVER!!!

I’m sure we all agree that T.M. Frazier has kept the trend going of leaving us with a doozy of a cliffy in Lawless so you can be relieved that Soulless picks up roughly where Lawless ended. T.M. Frazier also keeps the duel point of view trend going as well in Soulless.

“Don’t Forget Your Promise, Ti. Don’t Give Up On Me.”

It’s that exact promise that finds Ti back where it all began; at her parents orchard. But she isn’t alone this time. She finds herself under the protection of a germaphobic, obsessed with explosive, petite little blonde that can only be described as a “Barbarian Barbie” named, Rage (best character ever!!).

Ti stays in the safety of the Orchard with Rage for six months until she just can’t take the waiting any longer and makes a break for it. She trusts Bear but that trust is running out of patience and she comes up with a plan to bust Bear out of prison herself. Not the best laid plan but a plan none the less and in order to make good on said plans she has to shake “Rambo-prom queen edition” a.k.a, Rage. One roofy later and she is meeting up with her long time “friend” Bucky.

What Ti is not expecting is to find out that Bear is out of prison and has been out for quite some time!**and que the outraged gasp!**…..Aaaand that is where I leave you My Little Love Birds!

Does Ti keep the promise she made? Or does she give up?

Nothing Is As It Seems

While in prison Bear learns that nothing is as it seems. Starting off with his Mom being alive (which we all know about now) but also that Chop is more off the reservation than he initially thought. Bear comes into this knowledge by, what he assumed were brothers coming to try to put him to ground in prison, but that is not at all what happened. These brothers tell Bear of a mass murder of all the BBB’s at the club house that that Chop himself carried out and they are looking for a new Prez all together.

One pit bull of a lawyer later and Bear is back on the outside but it’s what he finds out there that he isn’t expecting…..**I am giving you my sneaky evil grin cause you are right! No more tidbits for you!**

Not everyone is who they appear to be…

Everything isn’t just black and white; it’s only shades of murky grey.

Does a simple mistake of black and white cost Bear everything? Including Ti?

Or is he able to see through the murky grey?

And what does one do when the dead aren’t actually dead?

My Final Thoughts On Soulless?

I’ll admit that I actually liked Soulless better than I did Lawless. That’s not to say that T.M. Frazier had me hating Lawless but I just liked the ruthlessness in Soulless that wasn’t present in Lawless. T.M. Frazier also gave me some new (and old characters**evil grin here**) characters that I really enjoyed and look forward to reading about in the future.

T.M. Frazier gave me the strong heroine with Ti that I come to expect from her, in Soulless. Ti got a bit of a wily-ness to her in Soulless and developed a good dose of….well for lack of better wording, smartass-ness. I think that was probably my favourite part to Ti’s growth. She found an inner strength in both of those two qualities and somehow T.M. Frazier pulled it off  in the most natural way possible. Instead of me wanting to flick Ti in the head, I found myself giggling. How you can successfully pull those two qualities off in a dark erotic romance, I don’t know but T.M. Frazier nailed it here with Ti!

My love for Bear is still strong as ever, I think he may be my Motorcycle Club book-boyfriend for LIFE! In Lawless Bear had an ‘out of control’, almost chaotic, hardened edge to him but that changed in Soulless. T.M. Frazier forced Bear to find and be the cunning biker that has always been there lurking just beneath the surface. And let me tell you, when he finds that biker and sets the temperature to simmer? It’s nothing short of beautiful…even if it scared the bejeepers out of me a little bit….ok maybe a lot.

I’m only touching on this little bar of gold because I feel it would be a disservice if I didn’t. Of course the smutty, erotic, sexy smexy times were off the charts. I think hell would freeze over before T.M. Frazier would ever jip us here and she’s just not mean that way 😉

It’s not very often that I can point out something specific that really made’ a book for me and I wouldn’t necessarily say there was ONE specific thing here. But T.M. Frazier had me guessing constantly and gave me so many “HO-LY CRAP!” moments in Soulless and I frigging LOVED it! I don’t come across too many books now a days that give me so many of those moments but T.M. Frazier gave them to me in spades in Soulless!

Final verdict? Of course T.M. Frazier’s Soulless has found a home right beside King, Tyrant, and Lawless, and it should really be no surprise. T.M. Frazier totally made up for what I didn’t care for in Lawless and as always, leaves me with the WORST CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! I swear, you have a little bit of evil in you T.M. Frazier!!


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