Scare Crow – ANOTHER flying success for Julie Hockley!

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Get The Dancing Shoes On! Scare Crow Is OUT!

Let those go of those proverbial reigns and be prepared to be ‘wow’d’ by Julie Hockley’s second book in the hit series, A Crows Row Love Story, Scare Crow!! That’s right My Lovely Little Poppets! Julie Hockley has given us the muchley anticipated, Scare Crow. Kick that butt into gear, let the gates open and press “BUY” for your very own copy of Scare Crow!

Mini Review Preview For Scare Crow

I would like to start off with warning you that there may be a few MINOR spoilers in my Scare Crow review so I strongly suggest you pop back over to my Crows Row review. I won’t be going into great detail but just enough to give you that spidey sense and have you thinking, “hmmm you have my attention Amanda, you may proceed…”. Yes, I can give you little Scare Crow crumbs yet not give too much away-I’m awesome that way, lol.

Intrigued by Julie Hockley and myself? Good. This review will be short and sweet….well maybe not sweet….therefore I will stop my blathering now and open up the gate to Julie Hockley’s, Scare Crow!

Scare Crow Unhinged?

As we all know, Crows Row ended with one doozy of a cliffy and Scare Crow basically picks back up roughly where Crows Row ended.

Emmy is once again all on her own and back in the projects but she this time around she has the love and permanent companionship of our beloved Meatball. She has lost all that is precious to her (sans Meatball of course), has been tossed aside by the underworld and betrayed by the very people she thought she could trust.

Needless to say she is a tad unstable is a bit of an under statement. Emmy’s instability fuels her determination to exact revenge for herself and vengeance for Cameron’s death (or so she thinks) resulting in her to make some seriously unhinged decisions. Decisions that produce very dangerous consequences not only for herself but (unbeknownst to her) Cameron as well.

Has Emmy become more like the cold under boss that Cameron is? Has she finally reached her breaking point? What does one do when you have nothing to lose? Or does she have everything to lose?

Scare Crow In A Different Light

Cameron is not too far off from Emmy in more sense than one. He is on a ledge that he never thought he would see himself on and struggling with his decision to hand over the reigns of protecting Emmy to someone that is not himself.

He is trying to clean up the shrapnel of the proverbial bomb he dcrow-with-moonroped on the underworld, keeping his gang strong and together, and not losing his own sanity in all the chaos he caused. With a large portion of his focus on the catastrophic mess that is the underworld, Cameron leaves Carly to find someone to watch over Emmy and her choice is one that has Cameron coming unraveled faster than a cat going apes**t on a thread bare shirt (yeahhh, you’ll all have that “eeee, this cannot end well” then “NO! SHUT UP!!” running through your head).

With that simple news flash Cameron is left with the realization that he cares about nothing and has nothing. Nothing to lose, and nothing to gain….or does he?

He takes a woman for granted and lets her slip through the cracks (and it’s NOT who you think***insert my evil laugh here***), overlooks men that could cost him everything he worked so hard for, and finds himself in a completely different mess–one that he may never recover from….

My final thoughts

Well lets see here….much like Crows Row, Julie Hockley did provide an awesome romantic suspense with Scare Crow, but I did have some….hang ups (for lack of better wording)

It bunched my knickers a bit that Cameron and Emmy are separated through pretty much the whole book.  I get why Julie Hockley wrote Scare Crow with Emmy and Cameron separated for a very large portion of the book but I still wish they could have been…maybe linked a bit more somehow.

Emmy had to find her independence and grow this time around-and that she DID. She becomes someone I really didn’t see coming in Scare Crow. I wasn’t sure how she would be or where she would go but I didn’t see Emmy shining like this. Really, I didn’t. Emmy would not have grown into the….I want to stay strong woman but that doesn’t really give her the justice that Emmy deserves,into the woman she becomes in Scare Crow if she was with Cameron. She grows into a woman who is a tad unhinged, a bit cynical and develops a hard edge which, oddly enough, I really like. She is not a bi**h just….kickass and all together different from the woman in Crows Row.

Julie Hockley had to have Cameron grow in a completely different way in Scare Crow and she accomplished this. He became more calculated, more intense (if that is even possible), in order to move the many chess pieces that made up the underworld and all the chaos that was his new life. He NEEDED to be the Boss he was not in Crows Row ancrow-with-many-tombsd for that he needed to reinvent himself, become the master of his do
main. Be the cold, calm, slightly crazy, force in the storm that the underworld now was. Make decisions that will have you on the edge of your seat, white knuckled on your reading device screaming, “what the?! Cameron noooo!! What are you DOING??!!”.

So like I said, the knickers were bunched a bit but I don’t know if Julie Hockley would have accomplished the growth that Emmy and Cameron desperately needed to survive the world they both now live in.

Now, I’m sure you all know where my second hang up was (and it’s pretty damn obvious for anyone who knows me), any steamy sexy smexy times were pretty much none existent (there is a tiny bit but it is not with who you think it is. And that little nugget is all you get! I know I’m a tad devilish today, lol).

What I loved about Scare Crow?

I loved the way Julie Hockley wove the growth, complexity and change in Emmy and Cameron seamlessly. You got to have a front row seat to both of their worlds. She gave us two different underworlds all in ONE underworld. There was Emmy’s underworld and then there was Cameron’s. They were very different yet still intertwined and very much the same.

Julie Hockley delivered on the suspenseful yet shocked feelings that had my jaw hanging down to my lap, saying “Holy moses! Did she really JUST do that?” and was able to get me to overlook the lack of smut. Yes, Scare Crow gave me a few ruffled feathers but it also smoothed them down and delivered on goose bump chills, wide eye, throw mini tantrum moments. As far as I’m concerned if a book can manage all that and still have me liking it then that’s a success!

Julie Hockley’s, Scare Crow, has a seat right beside Crows Row on my ‘reread’ shelf!

Another job well done with Scare Crow, Julie Hockley!





As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on Julie Hockley’s, Scare Crow so please feel free to leave your, off the cuff, pop into your head, thoughts in the comment section below or drop me an email at 🙂

P.S. Because I’m awesome and nice like this, I’ll warn you that there is another cliffy in Scare Crow BUT it isn’t the throw you kindle, stomp your feet and yell like a crazy person, kind of cliffy. Just the kind where you’ll let out a few choice words then let your inner stalker out on Julie Hockley’s updates 😉

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