Road to Nowhere Review – Remarkably gritty hit for M. Robinson

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Road To Nowhere Comes Out With A Bang!

Get the guns a blazing because M. Robinson has her own going with her in the Road to Nowhere! M. Robinson one hell of a journey with Road to Nowhere and you won’t regret pulling the trigger on your own journey with Road to Nowhere. Get on the bike, and get ready for a shell shocking hit from M. Robinson‘s first book in the Road to Nowhere Series!

Road to Nowhere is a bit of a spin off from M. Robinson’s, El Diablo, The Devil Series but doesn’t pick up straight where from El Diablo ends. You don’t NEED to read El Diablo to enjoy or confused in Road to Nowhere but I strongly recommend it because, in my opinion, it just makes it better. Like all of M. Robinson’s books she gives us a dark, gritty, erotica romance and Road to Nowhere is no different. So I will stop my driveling and get right to my Road to Nowhere review by one our best selling authors, M. Robinson!

The Dark And Dirty

M. Robinson has written Road to Nowhere primarily in our hero, Creed Jameson’s point of view, with Mia Ryder’s, our heroine, point of view sprinkled throughout. Creed was a man that I didn’t see coming at all. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I went into Road to Nowhere but I guess I just didn’t expect him to be so….rough. I think I maybe was expecting that somewhat immoral polished hero that we had with Alejandro Martinez but that is not AT ALL what we get here.

Road to Nowhere starts out with him being a prospect in his father’s Motorcycle Club, Devil’s Rejects, and right from the get go you see the internal fight that Creed struggles with on a daily basis. Honestly it almost gave me whiplash on more than a few occasions. Creed does’t necessarily WANT to be in the Devil’s Rejects and all of it’s violent, and immorality but really doesn’t know any different. He has two younger brothers that he adores and basically immerses himself into the Devil’s Rejects life to keep his brothers out of his father’s sights. He doesn’t want his brothers to have to deal with his father, whom I just have to say is probably the shadiest asshole that had me muttering curses under my breath more than once, and give them the fighting chance that he never got.

This is where we get to see the softer side of Creed which is such a contrast to what portrays on the outside. He has this rough, tough as nails exterior but, like I mentioned, the internal fight that is forever plaguing him, is heart breaking. Don’t get me wrong, he still had me saying, “Sweet Fancy! Where in the world did this cray cray come from?” many times.

There is a HUGE situation that comes about that involves El Diablo and this starts Creed’s train of destruction and let me tell you, My Little Blossoms, it will have that jaw dropping, you sputtering “what in the..? Noooo! That did NOT just happen!”, and have your heart breaking…..and I’m not telling you anymore where that is concerned….**ensue my evil laugh here to all of you!**

The Light And Clean?

Shortly after this is when Mia makes her appearance, and I want to warn you that this is where Road to Nowhere is the same as El Diablo; there is a large age gap again-not as large as in El Diablo but it is there and there first meet is when Mia is 9 yrs old. And oddly, it isn’t creepy.

I really enjoyed Mia right from the get go. She had this witty, dry, sarcasm that usually only runs in adults but she had it in spades at 9 yrs old but also this naivety to her that just balanced the adult-ness she exuded as the years pass. Her one liners had me just giggling and then her true age and ignorance would pop up in the same breath that just made her….HER. She was the breath of fresh air and light that Creed needed in all the darkness that he fought in the years to come. He didn’t know it, and neither did she, but over the years things get so very twisted and their fates get just as twisted.

How do the fates work for these two?

Are they destined for greatness together?

Or is there another love that comes and destroys it all?

Or does Creed’s internal battle get the best of him and he destroys the last of it all?

What Does M. Robinson Give Us?

M. Robinson gave us a nitty gritty total….well, I apologize for the profanity but nothing else fits, mindf**k with Road to Nowhere. It’s dark like El Diablo but, and this is going to sound warped all in it’s own, Road to Nowhere was rougher around the edges-I know, we thought El Diablo was up there but El Diablo had a polished-ness to it that Road to Nowhere just….doesn’t.

Even though M. Robinson seemed to give Creed a bit more of a conscious than Alejandro Martinez, he still had a bitter ruthlessness about him that has you cringing and feeling, “eeee, internal battle and moral compass seems to have taken a hike at the moment.” M. Robinson delivers a heroine that we don’t get to see much of in Road to Nowhere but still has you feeling like you know her and a hero that is so darn complex, and complicated that it leaves your head spinning. How M. Robinson does all this gracefully in Road to Nowhere is anyone’s guess but like always, she does!

My Final Thoughts On Road To Nowhere?

Where do I even start with this one? I’m not going to lie, there were some things that really didn’t work for me in Road to Nowhere but that’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this dark, erotica, mind warp of a read. If there’s one that M. Robinson nails EVERY TIME is she has your mind spinning and feelings flying around like a boomerang.

Road to Nowhere was up there with the rest of them but there were times that Creed’s internal fight drove me a bit batty. I was like, “I don’t know how to make this better but, man alive, shit or get off the pot!” BUT then I’d feel like a major jerk cause he’s just so real and what do I know about what he’s going through?

I kinda wish we got to see a bit more of Mia. I think that’s just a personal preference though. I didn’t get why M. Robinson didn’t give us more of Mia throughout Road to Nowhere  but, I’m fairly certain, it became clear in the last sentence of Road to Nowhere……yeah, you can see where this is going…..

But in saying all that, I liked way more than what annoyed me and so it was easy to get past and have me cursing a blue streak when that cliffy reared it’s head!


We all know how I feel about those! All I’m going to say is it was a good thing my kids were no where in hearing distance or sight!

M. Robinson checked all of the boxes in Road to Nowhere that I look for in a dark erotica.

  1. A dark, suspenseful, mind warp that has the brain spinning on it’s axis.
  2. A complex, broody, loose cannon, drop dead gorgeous Hero.
  3. A strong heroine that has a whole other level of complexity.
  4. Sexy times that were off the charts and had the fidgeting factor….let’s just say that you don’t want to read those scenes in a public place.

So all in all, I’d definitely race to buy M. Robinson’s, Road to Nowhere and if you haven’t already, El Diablo, as well as her ‘The Good Ol’ Boys’ Series. She pulled an array of emotions that I couldn’t keep up with but enjoyed EVERY SINGLE minute of it! M. Robinson’s, Road to Nowhere has found it’s self on my ‘reread’ bookshelf. Might not be often but I’ll be going back to it!




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