Reaper’s Kiss Review – Jaxson Kidman has a smoking gun here!

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Let The Pipes Roar! Jaxson Kidman Has Got It Nailed!

On the hunt for an erotic romance that is centered around a Motorcycle Club? One that will get the engines going? Look no further because Jaxson Kidman provides that and so much more with Reaper’s Kiss! Reaper’s Kiss is my very first Jaxson Kidman read and I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was on the prowl for a gritty, straddle the fence of right and wrong, sexy erotica book. Jaxson Kidman’s, Reaper’s Kiss, is a walking personification of bad ass! Soooo, best get the “BUY” trigger at the ready because once you’re done with my, Reaper’s Kiss review by Jaxson Kidman, you’ll be pulling the trigger!

Kick the bunny slippered feet up, sip that orgasmic latte and get that butt  ready because the review has commenced!

Throw A Well Deserved Tantrum!

Reaper’s Kiss is told in duel point of views, our Hero-Jace and our heroine-Ava, and we get a very tiny snippet of Jace (Jace’s point of view) and Ava in the first chapter that had me fanning myself a bit….then was straight up smacked in the face on the first page of chapter 2. I may or may not have briefly screamed and thrown a mini fit at my Kindle, and Jaxson Kidman himself, for the injustice of how he ended chapter 1! Moving on…

Ava works at a convenience store that was once owned by both her parents but now by just her father since her mother was murdered ten years prior. In the years that Ava’s mother passed the business has gone down hill and her father has gotten into some sketchy back door dealings, such as drugs and illegal gambling, just to name a couple which has lead to some very unsavory people to come into Ava’s life. A particular situation comes about with a very dangerous man and this man shows a very real interest in Ava. This interest is the start of the shit storm that is about to hit Ava’s already unstable life.  I know, you’re all thinking, ‘its gotta be Jace!’

….but is it?

The “Reaper” In Reaper’s Kiss?

Our Hero in Reaper’s Kiss, Jace, is a man you’d expect to be in a Motorcycle Club. He lives by his own set of rules and has that ruthless edge that somehow makes you want to take a walk on the wild side and jump his bones-throw in him being devilishly good looking and there’s no hope for anyone. Now I can’t give you too much on Jace because he is a man that I could blather on about for days and it’s WAY to easy to spill all the juicy ‘Jace’ bits!

Jace is a man with a slightly skewed moral compass-they don’t call him the “Reaper” for nothing so that in itself should be a bit self explantory. I’d have to say that he is almost the devil reincarnate. His first meet with Ava had me thinking, “hmmm, maybe you’re not quite the a$$hole, I had you pegged for….”. Yeahhhhh, that came to an abrupt end on their second meet! This is where we meet the Jace that is the “Reaper”.

Ava is in a league with the big boys with the likes of Jace and where does Jace leave her in this league? What type of Reaper’s Kiss does Jace leave Ava? The kiss of love? Or a true Reaper’s Kiss?

What Does Jaxson Kidman Give Us?

Jaxson Kidman gave us one hell of a read with Reaper’s Kiss and a Hero and heroine that had some serious life challenges.

The amount of crap that was handed to Ava and how she just kept picking herself up was unreal. I swear that girl had more damn jokers in her deck than…well I don’t know but it was brutal! Her strength is truly admirable and I found myself a bit in awe of it. She had a touch of realness to her combined with the strength and she was a bit of power house.

Jace was a man that was no stranger to the joker either and the way he dealt with them was so different from Ava was so intriguing to watch. To see the similarities and how they twisted all up within one and other and come out to two completely different people was just…crazy.

Jaxson Kidman delivered two characters that faced unimaginable tribulations in life and dealt some prettty nasty cards at times but we’re rewarded with a pretty amazing dynamic with and within Ava and Jace in Reaper’s Kiss.

My Final, Reaper’s Kiss, Thoughts?

I’m not going to lie, there was a major thing in Reaper’s Kiss that did…..ruffle my feathers, if you will, but I know for a fact it is purely personal preference on my part.

There was an insta-love type thing going on here with Ava therefore I had a hard time the believing the realness to their relationship. The insta-love wasn’t right right off the first meet but it was still too fast for my liking. It takes nothing away from the writing, Jaxson Kidman does a bang up job here, so it is purely personal preference. If you’re one for insta-love than this would be right up your alley and you’d have absolutely no hang ups.

On to the stuff I loved? Reaper’s Kiss had my jaw making friends with my lap and eyes bulging outta my face on more than one occasion and I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t flattering but I wouldn’t change it! Jaxson Kidman gave me I don’t know how many head scratching, “what the hell…? I thought…? I’m confused….I think?” moments, only to have me turn around and practically fall out of my chair yelling, “H-O-L-Y CRAP!!!”. Reaper’s Kiss hit every one of my smutty, sexy smexy, fidgeting in my seat, marks! Jaxson Kidman is not stingy on them in Reaper’s Kiss!

Reaper’s Kiss gave me much more than I was expecting with and for that I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a Motorcycle Club erotica romance. Jaxson Kidman job well done with Reaper’s Kiss and you’ll have me purchasing more of your books!



Like every review I do, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the review or even the book itself! So if you’re feeling it, feel free to leave your thoughts and feelers on this Motorcycle Club erotica romance in the comments below or drop me an email; 🙂

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