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Amo Jones Couldn’t Have Ended It Any Better!

Holy Sweet Moses! Amo Jones out did herself again with this suspenseful erotic romance! I’d have to say that Razing Grace Part 2 is just as awesome as Razing Grace Part 1-which is a feat all in its own! You don’t ever have to be trigger shy with Amo Jones and she keeps that track record going soooo go ahead and hit “Buy”! Or just push all the people ahead of you in line (I take no responsibility for said actions!), swipe the card to buy Razing Grace Part 2, and tear outta there like a lunatic!

Alrighty My Little Possums! If you’re thinking of being all stealthy ninja on me well, I’m more stealthy and have foiled your plan! You have to go back and read Razing Grace Part 1….well I guess I can’t make you do anything but you will be incredibly lost if you don’t read it. You’ll be that poor soul wandering around looking at butterflies that don’t exist-no one wants that!

BUT just in case you are planning to turn the stealth mode on turbo (I am still stealthier, I will catch you every time!) I am going to do my darnedest to keep my review as spoiler free as possible!

I have reeled in my epic stealthy ninja and shall sally on! Shamelessly dump whomever is in the comfy seat, grab your snacky treats, the latte or wine (no judgement here Peeps!) and settle in for my review on Amo Jones, Razing Grace Part 2!!

Where Do We Start?

Once again, Amo Jones has us in duel point of views in Razing Grace Part 2 with Millie and Raze. And thankfully Amo Jones picks up roughly right where Razing Grace Part 1 ended (epic by the way) so there isn’t a whole lotta repetition.***I will make a little side note that Amo Jones will have you bawling and cursing a blue streak with her prologue too-I swear she is down right evil sometimes!***

….Okay, I’ll give you ONE spoiler free of charge. That epic ending I spoke of? Does not result in Millie’s death. Yes, you may dance around like a kid hopped up on 8 pounds of Skittles.

Every Action Has A Consequence

Even though Millie is alive there is a part of her that died that fateful day and this loss is what brings a whole new Millie. A dark side that doesn’t fall far behind Raze’s and this side couldn’t have come at a better time. With Raze eliminating Kur, he has no choice but to accept the gavel to The Army and be the brutal and ruthless leader that he already is.

Millie finds a place right beside Raze and essentially fills the role as a Kingpins, Queen. But life is forever in motion and more so in the brutal life that encompasses Raze and Millie.

 Unforeseen circumstances arise. Life throws curve balls. 

Millie and Raze are no different but the stakes are so much higher in the brutal world that is their life.

What one finds to be a precious gift, one finds it to be a death sentence.

Where there is life there is death. It’s just a matter of who the executioner is;

God or The Executioner himself?


My Final Thoughts On Amo Jones, Razing Grace Part 2?

Hmmm, well, I’d have to say that I loved it on all sorts of levels but I will admit that there was one thing that….ruffled my feathers a touch or twisted the knickers a bit.

I found Millie to quick to forgive. She should have been pissed for longer with the whole “right hand man” (that is the last spoiler that you get!) thing. I mean, come on! That’s a HUGE secret! One that Raze should have told her about! Now, in saying that the reason my feathers are ruffled is based purely on a personal preference. I hold a mean grudge so have a hard time understanding when people don’t. My ruffled feathers or twisted knickers have absolutely nothing to do with Amo Jones writing, she’s spot on there or even Razing Grace Part 2, in general.

What I Loved?

I loved how Amo Jones gives Millie her own brand of crazy but it’s not the completely unhinged crazy that Raze sports….or even Miles for that matter. Millie’s brand of crazy has a conscience and dare I say, a softness to it. Don’t get me wrong Millie still sports a vicisouness to her and all sorts of crazy that’s totally (pardon my language) f$#ked up a multitude of ways but she still has this aura of….good to her.

The personal transformation that Millie goes through in both, Razing Grace Part 1 and Razing Grace Part 2, is absolutely stunning. It’s a complete 180 but she finds a good balance of what she once was to what she is now. I loved how Amo Jones brought out a sassy-ness to Millie and gave her a quick-sharp wit to her. It gave her and Razing Grace a bit of lightness but still doesn’t take away from that dark element that I like.

Raze is still my book boyfriend and I don’t see him moving from that position any time soon. I loved how Amo Jones wove a soft side into a brutal killer and I got a front row seat to it here in Razing Grace Part 2. He still has that harsh, none existent moral compass, ‘pee your pants’ scary vibe to him but all that finally found a counterbalance and oddly enough, it was Millie’s brand of cray cray. Who knew that two people who possess a dose of psycho could actually bring out the lightness in one and other? Certainly not me but Amo Jones accomplished seamlessly here!

I looooved the supporting characters!!!! I really didn’t think that The 6 masked men would ever make it off my “Villans To Kill” list but, crickey! A good number of them are no longer on that list! It honestly blows my mind to think about it cause there was a serious ‘hate-on’ for those men!

It’s no surprise that I loved the characters from Hellraiser and One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars but that love is still going strong!

Did Amo Jones give me the erotic sexy smexy smutty scenes? IN SPADES PEOPLE!!!

Amo Jones gave me everything that I wanted and so much more with Razing Grace Part 2…and even Razing Grace Part 1 for that matter. I wanted an erotic romance that delivered on the suspense factor and gave my own moral compass a little test and that is exactly what I got.

But I think what I loved the most about Razing Grace Part 1 and Razing Grace Part 2, was that I never knew what in the world was going to happen. Heck there were times when I wasn’t even expecting something to happen and long and behold Amo Jones sucker punches me! She had me saying, “….wha…what? What in the world just happen?!” or “NO! That did NOT just happen!!” on so many occasions that I lost count.

My emotions and feelers were all over the bloody map! I went from cringing and hiding behind the couch peeking over the top, to giggling like a deranged baffoon, to bawling my eyes out and then throw in a healthy dose of fidgeting in my seat! All over the map!

Does Amo Jones Razing Grace Part 2 make it on my re-read shelf? YES YES YES!!! Has a spot right beside Razing Grace Part 1, Hellraiser and One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars! Job well done Amo Jones!



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