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Amo Jones Delivers It ALL!

I’m going to be short and sweet with my “Buy” speech cause Amo Jones has just brought my inner short and sweet out in me here. Push all innocent bystanders out of the way and hit “buy”. Amo Jones has nailed it down with Razing Grace Part 1!!

Ok, I just have to say that you don’t NEED to read Amo Jones, One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars or Hellraiser, in the The Devil’s Own series but it is incredibly beneficial. Not only because they rock on all sorts of levels but a good portion of circumstances have some sort of involvement with those two books. Therefore you have been warned that if you opt to not read those books then you will have a few, “what in the deuce are they talking about?” moments.

I also want to make a small note that even though Razing Grace Part 1 is an erotic romance, I feel that it has a fairly dark quality to it and there are some triggers such as dubious consent. If you really struggle with that sort of thing than you may want to put Razing Grace on the back burner for a bit.

I will say that this review is a little difficult to write and it’s not for the fact that I didn’t love it-cause I DID! But more so, that there’s so much to say and all that intertwines together so it’s incredibly difficult not to give spoilers. I will do my best to not confuse you but give just enough of the little nuggets of gold that you’re looking for!

Enough of the chit chat Amanda! Grab your poison of the day, steal whatever comfy chair is closest to you and get ready for my review on Amo Jones, Razing Grace Part 1!

Right Off The Binger?

Amo Jones gives us duel point of view in Razing Grace Part 1. From our heroine, Millie’s, point of view and our Hero, Tripp or Raze’s. Razing Grace Part 1 starts out with Millie’s capture and it’s by none other than Tripp (who we soon learn is Raze) and 6 other terrifying masked men and it’s in this reign of terror that Millie and Tripp start a journey that neither one of them are prepared for.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Millie is subjected to some pretty deplorable things which are all to train her to become a sex slave and it’s all at the hands of Tripp/The Executioner and the 6 masked men. Millie goes up for auction and is bought by a fellow by the name of Hachiro….or so we think! Aaaand this is where we meet Raze! And Miles!

Tripp and Raze are one in the same and Millie has just become Raze’s property and is a piece of an intricate plan. Miles is Raze’s right hand man and forms a bond with Millie right from the get go. A friendship that is so much more and it is one that has a lasting and profound affect on everyone involved, including Raze (YES! I said it! Raze is in that little love bubble of dysfunction!)!

Millie is a lost soul after her time with Tripp/The Executioner and the 6 masked men and it’s Miles that slowly starts to mend that soul. Raze has always had Millie in his sights and plans to use her in any way he can in order to achieve his goal but as Millie spends more time in his possession those plans slowly start to shift. But Raze was the catalyst to Millie’s broken soul and there are so many other players involved….

Can a soul ever be mended after The Executioner has been through it? There’s a reason The Executioner is given the numbers “000”.

Or does Millie find a solace with her broken soul and finds it in Miles?

Or is it Raze, ‘The Executioner’, ‘000’, that shows her the path of a broken soul and all it’s beauty?

A love is lost but who is it that loses?




My Final Thoughts On Razing Grace Part 1

I’ll lay it out there in black and white, Amo Jones gave me everything I wanted with Razing Grace Part 1. I was on the hunt for an erotic romance that delivered some suspense and ran on the darker side and Amo Jones delivered that in spades here!

I have to admit that Amo Jones gave me so many damn unflattering moments in the facial expression department that I’m a tad embarrassed and am eternally grateful that no one was around to see them. She threw so many curve balls at me that I was like a lost puppy at times chasing my own tail!

AND ended just about every chapter with a cliffhanger! And they were doozy cliffy’s! Not ones where you’re like, “whew, ended that on a good note! Can’t wait to read the next one in the morning!”. NO! Amo Jones delivers ones that have you staying up all hours of the night and have you slacking on your daily duties….and you don’t even feel guilty about it! There is really only one other author that comes to mind that accomplishes that and it’s T.M. Frazier, in her King Series.

What do I say about our heroine Millie? Well, I will say that Amo Jones gave me one hell of a surprise with her! Especially since I knew how she was in Hellraiser sooooo, yeah, I’ll admit, that I had a many a thoughts of, “Sweet Penelope! Millie you have gone totally off the res! But I’m totally digging it!”. I loved Millie’s strength and that it wasn’t the generic, ‘she so strong with what she’s been through’ type of strength. No, Millie embraces the inner demons that are dealt to her and it’s by no fault of her own but she owns them all the same and, in my opinion-which we all know is gospel-that’s one hell of a trait to have.

Tripp, Raze, The Executioner, 000, The Underworld Kingpin….where do I start with him? I think Amo Jones gave me my very first Hero with Raze where I’m just not sure how I totally feel about him. He is methodical, broody and has a cunning calculation to him that I have never seen in any other Hero but there is also a slightly unhinged-ness to him that scares the bejeezus outta me. And with all of that he is just such a jerk to Millie and if it wasn’t for Amo Jones giving us Raze’s point of view then I don’t think I would have found myself rooting for him. His inner thoughts gave me an insight as to why he was the way he was and why he did the things that he did which resulted in my pom poms for Raze!

Now, I just have to say this and get it out there cause I’m sure most of you will agree with me, I have never been so conflicted on who I want to be it’ for Millie; Raze or Miles. For all that is sweet, nice and a little crazy, I loved them both! They each had they’re own brand of crazy and their own way of showing their affection for Millie…..ok we both know that Raze has his moments where I wanted to junk punch him and Miles doesn’t have any of those moments but somehow I still root and have all sorts of cray cray feelers for Raze!

Does Amo Jones deliver on the sexy smexy smut? Why yes, yes she does! And she does in spades and if I’m being honest, some of it is a tad disturbing. I think it’s in this department that Amo Jones had me really wondering if there was a moral compass in Razing Grace Part 1.

When the smutty times didn’t have me cringing, they were HAWT but be warned that there are times where you may find yourself skimming through some of the cringing moments if they bother you. Just to give you a bit of an idea, there is a book called, Wallbanger (completely different genre My Little Possums), and there is a scene where the main character is hiding under an afghan blanket, peeking out of the holes, in terror as she watches a horror movie….yeah that was me a couple of times and I feel absolutely no shame!

Does Amo Jones, Razing Grace Part 1, make it on my re-read shelf?

Without a shadow of a doubt, YES! Will I be reading Razing Grace Part 2? Silly question but I will answer anyways, YES! Amo Jones hit all the marks with Razing Grace Part 1 so there isn’t a question as to why she won’t deliver in Razing Grace Part 2! Gave us a frigging stellar erotic romance here Amo Jones!!



I’d love to hear your thoughts on Amo Jones’ Razing Grace or even on my review so if you’re feeling like chatting then drop your comments below! Or shoot me an email at:

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4 thoughts on “Razing Grace: Part 1 Review – Holy Fire Pants Amo Jones!

  • Amanda Post author

    I’m so glad you liked it! Yeah, Amo Jones really gives you some cringe, think twice moments,lol! Like I said, I personally like taking a walk on that side-only in the book form obviously!-and am glad that the warning was a help. I just finished another one of hers and it was another “eeek!” book, called the Silver Swan. I totally loved but, Sweet Moses, that was another total mind warp as well. I’d also go as far to say more than the Razing Grace duet and that’s saying something!

    Thanks for chatting with me Cindy!

  • Cindy

    Hi Amanda!
    Just finished and I loved it! I’m glad you gave me some warnings cause they were spot on! I’m off to your other Razing Grace review!


  • Amanda Post author

    You’re very welcome Cindy! I hope you like Razing Grace! If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it-good or bad 🙂


  • Cindy

    Thanks Amanda for the review and getting it out so quickly! Excited to read Razing Grace!