Naughty Boss Review – Whitney G. has got it made with this one!

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Naughty Boss? Mmmmm, yes please!!

Well My Little Possums, Whitney G. has nailed it once again with Naughty Boss! Naughty Boss is a novella that will have you burning the rubber on your tires…or maybe holes in your bunny slippers to pull that trigger happy finger to get your very own copy of Naughty Boss by Whitney G!

Brew your favourite hot beverage, add the Baileys if you’re feeling a bit naughty yourself 😉 , and slow your roll for my review on Whitney G.’s, Naughty Boss!

Whitney G. Gives Us A Bit Of Bite? Interesting…..

Mia London our heroine and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is our Hero, CEO of Leighton Publishing, Michael Leighton’s executive assistant. Mia is phenomenal at her job and, like many assistants, is completely under appreciated….or not appreciated AT ALL in her case. Now, that would suck on all sorts of levels but throw in her boss being so drop dead gorgeous that he has you needing to change your undies just by the mere sight of him. Yeahhhh, that brings the ‘suck’ level to whole new scale. Mia’s only saving grace is her emailing rants to her best friend, Amy, that don’t hold back and ANYTHING! And little digs that she ‘thinks he doesn’t notice. Now, I just have to say that these emails and her antics of pay back had me a giggling fool on so many occasions-they were just awesome on so many levels! I’m sure you can guess where this is going, one of those rants gets her into a world of trouble with the “Naughty Boss” himself. I mean, how could it not, she sent the rant to him! Aaaand this is where things get interesting!

Blackmail comes in all sorts of forms…but who dishes out the blackmail? Mia or Michael?

Does Your Butt Hurt? Naughty Boss Has Been Bitten

Michael Leighton, Naughty Boss’s, Hero has his reasons for being the demanding, pompous, jerk that he is and it has everything to do with the little bombshell that encompasses Mia. At first it was his way of trying to get her to quit so he wouldn’t be distracted by all that is her but that failed which then lead into his asshole ways for purely entertainment purposes. He wasn’t allowed to ‘sleep’ with Mia do to his own company rule of absolutely NO FRATERNIZING policy. Yes indeed this caused all sorts of problems for him…and Mia. Little does Michael know that his antics, have proverbially bit him in the butt, and forced Mia to look for other employment and he only finds out because his adviser (unknowingly) drops this little bomb on his lap one day. Of course, he just LOVES this little nugget…..NOT! And long and behold, he lands up receiving that little ranting email and this kicks off a whole new level of shenanigans. I honestly didn’t think I could laugh anymore than I did with Mia and Amy but I found myself giggling just as much with Michael and his antics.

What does our Naughty Boss do with this little email? Does Michael ‘can’ Mia like he has wanted since the beginning? Or does he get fed a spoonful of his own medicine? And if said medicine is forced, what ramifications come of it?

My Final Thoughts On Naughty Boss?

Well, I’ll be honest and say that I was taken surprise by a number of things with Whitney G.’s, Naughty Boss. I wasn’t expecting a novella (I probably should have looked at the page count or further into the title, lol) and I usually despise novella’s but, oddly enough, I was pleasantly  surprised with Naughty Boss.

My second surprise was that Whitney G. delivered really well balanced, dimensional characters in Naughty Boss. I find that most novella’s don’t deliver on this front; one dimensional characters is one of my biggest pet peeves which is why I tend to avoid novella’s like the plague-I just haven’t had good luck with them in that aspect.

Whitney G. gave me the biggest surprise in that there was no insta-love here. I know! Cray cray! They have a ‘like you with your clothes off-hate you when they’re back on’ relationship and this grows into a ‘like you with your clothes off- AND like you with your clothes ON’. It’s not love but a ‘like’ that grows into more. We may not SEE  the growth but somehow it feels real in the end. My mind is still a little blown on how Whitney G. accomplished this.

NOW for the fun stuff! Yes, the sexy smexy times are STEAMY! Like STEAMY as in, don’t read in public or around anyone younger than 18 years old! Not over done and didn’t leave me feeling like, “ugh, really?”.

Like I said, when Naughty Boss ended I was caught off guard but didn’t feel that Whitney G. cheated me. I had that, “huh…well…I can’t believe I’m going to say it but I really liked Naughty Boss”. I tried to pin point what EXACTLY nailed it for me and couldn’t…just that I really enjoyed it.

If you’re looking for a short, light, romantic comedy with a good does of sexy times, that is centered around an office romance than Whitney G.’s, Naughty Boss, is the book for you! Whitney G. you’ve done it again and I enjoyed myself with Naughty Boss, as I did, in the Reasonable Doubt Series! Tack it on the board as a another success Whitney G. cause you aced Naughty Boss!



I’d love to hear your thoughts on this romantic comedy that runs a tad on the erotica side, so please feel free to leave them below! Or you can always drop me an email at: 🙂

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