Nalini Singh – Rock Hard, Rock Kiss Series 2

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Rock Hard is the second book in the Rock Kiss Series by Nalini Singh and Nalini does an outstanding job with this contemporary, office romance, romantic comedy! Nalini Singh proves to be an incredible author in not only ‘Rock Hard’ but the Rock Kiss Series in general. Rock Hard is a bit different from Rock Addiction, Rock Redemption, and Rock Wedding, but Nalini Singh still knocks it outta the park!

Have a read through my ‘Rock Hard’ review on Nalini Singh’s book 2 in the Rock Kiss Series and see why it was a home run in my opinion!

Book Title: Rock Hard, BK 2
Series: Rock Kiss Series
Author: Nalini Singh
Category: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Office Romance.
Published: March 2015
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks. 

About Our Author Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh has been rocking charts and finding herself in not only the New York Times & USA Today Bestseller list but also on Wall Street Journal Bestseller list, and that’s only naming a couple since 2013! No surprise that ‘Rock Hard’, Rock Addiction, Rock Redemption, and Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Series), won numerous “favourites” and “best” awards but Nalini ALSO won with a couple Paranormal Romance Series such as Guild Heart Series, and, Psy-Changeling Series!  ‘Rock Hard’ and the Rock Kiss Series can be found under the Contemporary Office Romance or Romantic Comedy, but Nalini Singh also falls under a few other sub genre but not limited to; BestParanormal/Fantasy, Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance, and Tortured Hero Romance.

Just to add to Nalini Singh’s many accomplishments she worked in a candy factory (sooo cool!), as a librarian, an English teacher  and a lawyer!

What Is ‘Rock Hard’ Story Line?

Gabriel Bishop (a.k.a T-Rex), our Hero and retired professional rugby player turned cut throat CEO that saves dyeing business, has been brought in to salvage Saxon & Archer Corp. Gabriel may be downright gorgeous but he is more known for his ruthlessness and knack for having zero qualms about firing people left, right, and center, and not losing an ounce of sleep over it.

Our heroine, quirky, sweet yet hilarious, sadly tortured soul, Charlotte Baird (a.k.a Charlie-Mouse), is a file clerk at Saxon & Archer Corp. and has heard about all T-Rex’s tyrant ways and is terrified that she is on the chopping block.

Gabriel and Charlotte’s first encounter probably couldn’t have gone any worse (or more hilarious) as it involves a terrified scream and the launching of Charlotte’s office stapler…at the merciless new boss, Gabriel! Aaaand that is the start to everything that encompasses Charlie-Mouse and T-Rex!

Gabriel sees that Charlotte is of no use as a file clerk but as his personal assistant and he wastes no time in making her as such. This leads to Gabriel seeing the demons that lurk within Charlotte. Even though Charlotte is terrified of the T-Rex, she has no other choice but to accept the position or find her hinny out of a job.

Gabriel knows for a fact that he’ll turn Saxon and Archer Corp. into the thriving business it once was but he also plans on making Charlotte his!

Will T-Rex be able to conquer and defeat the demons that haunt his Sweet Little Ms Baird and save her from a life time of horrors?

It’s a battle of wills and it’s just a matter of time that someone will win!

Is it T-Rex? Or Charlie-Mouse?

Or someone much more sinister?

What I Loved About ‘RockHard’?

Rock Hard has the perfect balance of angst, drama, humour, suspense, and steamy sexy erotic bits! There isn’t too much of one or the other. That’s a tall order to balance all in one book and Nalini Singh does it flawlessly here in Rock Hard!

There is no shortage of sexy steamy times in Rock Hard but the best part about it? It’s done in a completely different way and Gabriel takes credit for that….and that’s all I’m saying on that!!! I loved that Rock Hard wasn’t an insta-love book. Insta-lust? Yes. The lust wasn’t acted on right off the get go either. Rock Hard makes us feel that slow burn but when things catch fire? Off the chart!

I loved the well rounded and complexity of Gabriel and Charlotte. This is showcased with Gabriel and his unbelievable amount of patience with Charlotte, it’s truly beautiful to watch. And to see Charlotte overcome her demons and grow? Absolutely stunning!

Rock Hard and Nalini Singh give me just the right amount of push and pull between Charlotte and Gabriel. Not so much that it becomes annoying but just enough to give you that giggle, fan yourself, or sit on the edge of my seat wondering where she was going to take me next!


Rock Hard is my first Nalini Singh read and she delivered everything plus a bit more in Rock Hard! All in all Nalini Singh gives a stellar contemporary, office, romantic comedy with ‘Rock Hard’ and I have no doubt that the rest of the Rock Kiss Series; Rock Addiction, Rock Redemption, and Rock Wedding, are just as stellar! Would I re-read Rock Hard? Yes! Has Nalini Singh found herself on that list? Yup!



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