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It’s no surprise M. Robinson out did herself with Road to Nowhere‘s second book, ‘Ends Here’! M. Robinson’s writing has a fascinating gritty quality to it which is showcased in not only Road to Nowhere and Ends Here, but also her Good Ol’ Boys Series; Complicate Me, Forbid Me, Undo Me, Crave Me, and The Good Ol’ Boys Spin Off; El Diablo (The Devil). Ends Here has that same dark, angsty, erotic, bit of a mind warp feeling that is prevalent in all of M. Robinson’s books but there’s a vulnerability in ‘Ends Here’ and it’s nothing short of a beautiful masterpiece!

Take a walk with me through my ‘Ends Here’ review and see why I loved M. Robinson’s second book in the Road to Nowhere Series!

Book Title: Ends Here
Series: Road to Nowhere Series
Author: M. Robinson
Category:  Dark Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published: April 2017
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks. 

About Our Author M. Robinson

Is there any surprise that M. Robinson is named one of USA Today’s Best Selling Author? Nope!

Not only is M. Robinson an outstanding author in a number of sub-genre’s; M/C romance, Military romance, Mafia romance, and oddly enough young adult, just to name a few just, she’s also in the midst of getting a Ph.D in psychology! Which kind of explains the the stellar yet intense mind warp she gives us in her; VIP Trilogy, Tempting BAD: VIP Spin Off, The Good Ol’ Boys Series, Road to Nowhere Series, El Diablo (The Devil), and Two Sides!

You can also find the majority of M. Robinson’s books in not only the electronic world but also paperback!

What Is ‘Ends Here’ Story Line?

***Note: If you have not read ‘Road to Nowhere‘ you’re gonna have to slow your roll and go back (you can also click on the pink link above) because you’ll be lost in no mans land in ‘Ends Here’ if you haven’t.***

I’m not going to give you Ends Here’s storyline per se but more of a trail of juicy little tidbits….

Life is constantly in motion and change is inevitable. It’s a matter on how you accept those motions and changes….

Does Creed accept all that is about to change?

Every action has a consequence.

Can Mia, Creed, and Noah live with the consequences?

Darkness lurks in every corner and crevice. No one is exempt from it’s cruel clutches leaving Mia with a loss she may never come back from.

Is it Creed? Or possibly Noah?

Or something far more sinister and haunting?

What I Loved About ‘Ends Here’?

I absolutely loved ALL of the characters! There was a complexity to each and everyone of them! Almost like a diamond; every angle you look at you’ll see a different facet of beauty but there is always an imperfection, minuscule or glaringly obvious, they are there none the less.

‘Ends Here’ has a vulnerable rawness to it that is absolutely outstanding and so different from anything else I’ve read from M. Robinson-which is probably why I have come to love her so much!

M. Robinson gave me a different feel on the smut factor with Ends Here. It’s still off the charts hot except there’s more of a slow burn this time around. BUT when that burn ignites? HoooNelly! It’s panty melting awesome!

As always, M. Robinson hand delivered an obscene amount of unflattering eye bulging, “WFT?!”, “NO WAY!!!”, “What the?…”, jaw dropping moments and feelers. Did I look pretty? Not at all but I wouldn’t trade the moments for anything!

Most of all I loved that I never knew what was going to happen and just when I thought I had it nailed, M. Robinson smacked me off course! And the gritty angst and emotional wringer that followed these moments? Absolutely outstanding!


Ends Here gives us everything we’ve come to expect from M. Robinson. We get an angsty, raw, gritty, breath taking mind warp of a read with Ends Here but it’s also accompanied with a good dose of vulnerability.

Ends Here has everything we want in a M/C erotic romance; a tortured Hero, a beautifully strong heroine, and that dark edge that has you waffling between right and wrong. Just like The Good Ol’ Boys Series, El Diablo, VIP Trilogy, Tempting Bad, Two Sides, and the Road to Nowhere, Ends Here has a dark edge that we all crave!

M. Robinson wraps up the Road to Nowhere Series beautifully with Ends Here and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

And because M. Robinson has a wicked streak, she has ended Ends Here with another doozy of a cliffhanger that will already have you waffling on who you want to win….(and that’s all I’m saying 😉 )



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