Lawless Review – Another STELLAR in the King Series by T.M. Frazier!

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T.M. Frazier? Lawless? Match Made In Heaven!

It’s no surprise that T.M. Frazier has nailed it with her third book in the King Series with Lawless! I’ll confirm that getting trigger happy with the “BUY” button is a no brainer so you can just go all ‘Clint Eastwood’ on that sucker and pull the trigger! Or yell like a crazy person in the line at Chapters and scare the crap outta the other patrons so they willing move out of your way and you can strut straight up to the counter and make your Lawless purchase that way!

Once again, if you haven’t read King or Tyrant then you best pull the reigns up, click on the links I provided and start your journey there otherwise you will be L-O-S-T in Lawless.

With Lawless being the third book in the King Series, we all pretty much know that T.M. Frazier style of writing has that dark edge to it. But I wanted to give you all a quick heads up that T.M. Frazier went a little different with Lawless. She still delivers an erotic romance with the harsh realities that life can deliver but Lawless isn’t quite as….well it just doesn’t have the same edge as King or Tyrant. Don’t get me wrong, Lawless is still frigging awesome and T.M. Frazier still delivers on the grit that we all love but it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Oh alright, I will stop yammering on about my love for T.M. Frazier and kick this Lawless review into high gear!

Eyebrows Meet Hair Line

Like all the books so far in the King Series, Lawless is told in duel point of view; our heroine, Thia or “Ti” and our Hero, Abel or “Bear”. But we do get little snippets from King and Preppy. ***MmmHmm, our Preppy love lives on!***

Lawless starts out in the past and from Thia’s point of view when she is ten years old and she is being held at gun point by one of Bear’s Motorcyle Club, Beach Bastards, brother’s (I mean really! Who holds up a 10 year old girl?!)! 21year old, Bear comes upon the situation, pulls a big ‘WTF?’ and basically saves Thia. In exchange for Thia’s silence, Bear gives her a “promise” ring and makes her a promise-a bogus promise but a promise none the less. A promise that if she ever needs anything then to come find him and show that ring. Bear thinks nothing of the bogus “promise” that he has just made to 10 year old Thia….

But little does he know that Thia is going to collect that promise when he least expects it.

Fast forward 7 years and Thia finds herself in the situtation I’d have to agree that killing your Mom is a situation that would call for someone who walks on the lawless side – where she needs Bear to make good on his promise. You would think that this is where she finds him, he remembers her, and handles the epic shit storm that Thia got herself in, but, no, Bear’s life with the Beach Bastards is in shambles and he isn’t even a part of that life anymore. Thia didn’t think things could get any worse than killing her own Mom but in her quest to find Bear, she walks into a living nightmare when she comes into contact with Chop, Bear’s dad.

One pipe bomb later, Thia is dropped off on King and Pup’s doorstep and THIS is where Bear and Thia begin.

Who Saves Who?

Unknowingly, Thia has dropped herself front row and center on the Beach Bastards radar. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if they weren’t trying to put Bear to ground but that is exactly what they are trying to do. Thia thought her only worry was staying out of jail but it seems that one little bogus “promise” has her fighting for her life.

The train wreck that Bear is at the moment, only vaguely remembers Thia, and thinks that she is on Chop’s payroll and there to lure him into a trap. But it’s when he realizes that Thia is in fact NOT on anyone’s payroll and really is in need of help – and not just with the killing of her Mom – and has placed a bulls eye on her back trying to find him, that he takes her more seriously.

Does Bear actually fulfill his “promise” to Thia and keep her out of jail for killing her Mom?

Or does the law beat Bear and Thia both?

Or worse yet, does Chop and the Beach Bastards get a hold of them first?

What Are My Final Thoughts On T.M. Frazier’s Lawless?

Well, that is a bit of a tough question because there were some things that did bother me with Lawless but I know they are strictly personal preferences. They have absolutely nothing to do with the actual writing, T.M. Frazier as always does an outstanding job of that and Lawless was no different in that regard.

What Got The Knickers Bunched?

  1. I found Thia and Bear both had a bit of the insta-love thing going on. It wasn’t right right away…well, it kinda was for Thia, but it was still too fast for me. Now, in saying that, there is nothing wrong with the feelings that they have but I just prefer a bit of a slower ride to those feelers.
  2. A second thing that slightly bunched my knickers was Thia’s quick forgiveness of Bear’s indiscretions and I’ll just throw myself under the bus on this one, I feel like a real jerk for saying that so it’s quite the conundrum for me. With all the crap that Bear has gone through, he deserves to do some pretty horrible things without consequence and I know this. And here is an oxymoron if you’ve ever seen one, I’m a little thankful that Bear had Thia’s quick forgiveness cause I wouldn’t have been so kind…..hence my feeling like a jerk and being in the conundrum. Once again, completely personal, and didn’t result in me not thoroughly enjoying myself in Lawless.

Now For What I Loved?

  1. T. M. Frazier gave me well rounded characters in Lawless – even with my little pet peeves. Bear and Thia had just the right amount of strengths and weaknesses. Ti and Bear found their strengths in one and others weaknesses and really you can’t get that quality in any character if they aren’t well balanced.
  2. I looooved that T.M. Frazier gave us little snippets of King, Pup, and Preppy in Lawless. It just added to the dynamic of Thia and Bear’s relationship and lets face it, we just love the shit out of all of them!
  3. Even though T.M. Frazier gives Lawless a different feel than I was expecting or used to, she still gave me the “ok, just oooone more page! That’s IT Amanda! No more!….ok one more chapter it is!” feelers and guessing as to what was going to happen next – which, I’m not gonna lie, I was wrong a lot of times.
  4. Of course, there is the erotic, sexy, times that we all expect from T.M. Frazier, and Lawless was no different. That would just be crazy talk if it wasn’t in there!

Soooo, did Lawless find a home right beside King and Tyrant? You’re damn right it did! I think hell would freeze over before any of T.M. Frazier’s books didn’t make it onto my ‘re-read’ shelf. So if you’re in store for another erotic romances by T.M. Frazier then keep the King Series train going with Lawless.  Lawless was a different but still a rock solid read and only adds to T.M. Frazier’s awesomeness 😉


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