Kulti Review – Mariana Zapata has hit nothing but net on this one!

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Bust out the moves cause you’re going to need them! Mariana Zapata has given us another stellar contemporary sports romance with Kulti! That trigger finger feeling twitchy? Don’t get frustrated because it is bang on the money to twitch with Mariana Zapata’s, Kulti. You can NEVER go wrong with anything by Mariana Zapata and Kulti hits every mark along with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Wait For It!

I’ll start off saying that the cover of Kulti was what sucked me in and it wasn’t because of some spicy piece of male hotness, My Little Rays of Sunshine! No, it was actually the complete opposite but sometimes those are the best little gems and that is exactly what Mariana Zapata gave us with Kulti! I know very very…very little about soccer and was pleased that I wasn’t lost in Kulti so if you don’t know much about the sport, don’t fret, and if you do know a lot…well I’m fairly certain you’re still going to LOVE Mariana Zapata’s, Kulti. Find your ‘butt imprint’ seat, put your feet up with your favourite beverage, and lets kick this Kulti review off!

Mariana Zapata Gives Us Some Wit?

‘”Trust me; I’ve had the urge to punch you in the face a time or five.”‘

Is not something I thought I would be reading when I started Mariana Zapata’s, Kulti. Kulti is written from our heroine’s, Sal Casillas who plays on the Houston Piper’s women’s soccer team, point of view.

Sal HAD a massive crush on the retired “King” of soccer, Reiner Kulti when she was younger but had since grown (or so she thought) out of said crush. And like every crush on a celebrity when you’re a child, he’ll be just the sweetest husband,loved by everyone and you’ll live on to have beautiful (in Sal’s case-soccer) “super-babies”.Yes well, life isn’t usually like that and it was no different for Sal.

Reiner Kulti is given the position of assistant coach to the Houston Piper’s and he starts out as anything but a coach. He doesn’t participate or have any of the fly off the handle antics that he had in his professional career resulting in not only Sal not really knowing what to think or how to take him, but as well as the rest of the team. A situation arises that shows us the start of Kulti and Sal’s love/hate ‘relationship’-if you can call it that. This little situation had my jaw dropping and yelling at my kindle, “….what the…? Are freaking kidding me?! Oh no you didn’t!”. This is where we get to truly see Sal’s quirky, smart-ass, ‘don’t take no crap and I don’t give a rats behind how successful you are’, side come out and it honestly had me in stitches on more than one occasion!

Kulti Is A Treat!

Now Reiner Kulti…where do I even start with this guy? I really wasn’t sure if I did or didn’t like him to begin with and I found myself just as stumped as the Houston Piper players…..thaaaat was until he opened his mouth. Yeah, that’s where we find out that he really didn’t lose his arrogant, jerk, not giving a single crap about anyone else, self. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a hero that really had this much arrogance or selfishness to him and Mariana Zapata had her work cut out for herself on making me like our hero in Kulti. I mean really, how can you like a man that threatens ones career as a result of helping him out? Yes, well, he managed to find and do exactly that. This is where the tumultuous, back and forth, between Sal and Kulti takes flight and it only gets better from there!

What Does Mariana Zapata Give Us In Kulti?

Mariana Zapata gives us and outstanding heroine in Kulti with Sal. I truly loved her internal dialogue and her one liners had me giggling like a kid amped up on 10 pounds of sugar. I loved how Sal was such a dimensional character. She had so many facets to her; her seriousness and love for soccer, her loyalty to her friends and family, has a quirky dry wit to her, and just a genuinely likable person. She was just so…REAL.

Reiner Kulti we find out is so much more than this arrogant, tactless, selfish…well jerk. We get to see him behind that crusty, crotchety, side and we have Sal to thank for that. Don’t get me wrong he doesn’t become this fluffy sunflower by any means but it’s brilliant to watch the cracks in his hard shell come about when he’s with Sal. They still have their rows-and this was what I loved about Sal, she didn’t back down and take his crap-but he actually LEARNED from their interactions and learns on how to cope with actually caring about someone other than himself.

Mariana Zapata gives a front row seat in Kulti to watch two characters that are completely different but similar on so many levels grow. Grow in opposite directions in some aspects and right along side one and other in others. Just Brilliant!

My Final Thoughts On Kulti?

I will start out with saying, Kulti is a long book. I didn’t mind it one bit and, oddly enough, never found myself bored-weird, I know. There were a number of things that I really enjoyed in Kulti and a lot of them are tied for being my favourite.

I truly appreciated that Mariana Zapata was able to give me, a person who knows next to nothing about soccer (I didn’t even know how many players you needed on the field at one time-don’t go hating! Baseball and hockey is where more of my knowledge lies) but I didn’t feel lost on what was happening on the field and she even taught me a number of things. Kulti gave me that slow burn that I expect from any of Mariana Zapata’s books.

There is no insta-love, which we all know gets my knickers right bunched, the friendship is there first….but when the steamy, sexy smexy times hit? Yeahhhh, that burn turns into an inferno! Mariana Zapata gave me pretty much everything I look for in a book with Kulti.

  1. Well developed heroine and hero? Check
  2.  Nonexistent insta-love? Check
  3. A good douse of humour? Check
  4. Had me yelling, throwing mini tantrums, and feeling the same emotions as Sal? Check
  5. Had me hating Reiner Kulti but ended up with Kulti being my new book boyfriend? Check
  6. Fidgeting, sexy smexy times? Check

As far as I’m concerned you can’t ask for much more than that in a book. Mariana Zapata nailed every single one in Kulti! Did Kulti find a home beside The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Wait For It? Damn right it did and I’ll be coming back to Kulti (like most of Mariana Zapata’s books) often!! Well played with Kulti, Mariana Zapata, well played 😉





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