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No shortage of Kristen Ashley love! She has a certain flare to her writing and The ‘Burg Series showcases just how talented a writer Kristen is.  For You had a ton of potential and it pains me to say, Kristen’s first book of The ‘Burg Series “For You” just didn’t do it for me. Read my “For You review” and see why I feel Kristen Ashley uncharacteristically ‘struck out’ with For You!

For YouBook Title: For You
Series: The ‘Burg
Author: Kristen Ashley
Category: Romantic Suspense
Published: March, 2011
Where To Buy: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks

About The Author Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is known best for her Rock Chick Series but the ‘Burg Series rivals it with a stellar set of romance novels that include; For You, At Peace, Golden Trial,  Games Of The Heart, The Promise, and Hold On.

For You may have not made it on The New York Times bestseller list but Kristen Ashley is no stranger to said list! Kristen has found herself on The New York Times bestseller list on more than one occasion. For You and the ‘Burg Series fall under the romantic suspense genre but Kristen also rocks it in a number of other genre’s like, contemporary, erotica, and paranormal romance!

What may come as a surprise though is that Kristen became the success she is today by independently publishing books and primarily in the digital world. Kristen does have a few series; Colorado Mountain, Dream Man and Chaos, that are published by Grand Central Publishing but by and large she has published independently!

Just to add to Kristen’s appeal is that her books on average run around the of $4.35-$4.99 per book. Top shelf author that doesn’t break the bank? Can’t ask for more than that!

What Is The “For You” story Line?

For You gives us a suspense filled romance with Feb being the object of a serial killer’s obsession. Colt being a detective finds himself starting out on the case until a conflict of interest comes to light. That conflict of interest resides in Colt and Feb having a prior relationship which leads to Colt being removed from the case. But that conflict of interest works to Colt’s advantage and he sets his eyes on rekindling the love that Feb so very abruptly took away 17 years prior.

But the scary thing is that it’s not only Colt that is willing to do whatever it takes to win over Feb. Feb’s secret admirer, who has a penchant for leaving morbid little momentous for her, feels the very same way!

For You Highlights

For You is told in duel point of view which gives a nice dynamic and complexity to both Feb and Colt…and even For You’s story line in general.

Another plus was there is no shortage of sexy smexy smutty times and I’d dare say erotic all over the board! As a rule Kristen doesn’t ever skince out on this and, thankfully, For You was no different.

Kristen nailed it with the epilogue in For You which isn’t a surprise since they are always f-bomb awesome! It wraps up For You in a nice way and just leaves you with those, “awww, I feel so nice!” feelers!

Why I gave “For You” It’s Poor Rating

It’s a toss up on which issue bothered me most here in this ‘Burg edition, but my top two was the “insta-love” I felt that happened between Colt and Feb and that For You was just so darn wordy!

We all know how I feel about the insta-love so that is no surprise and I don’t even need to say anymore about it. They didn’t see one and other for how many bloody years and then BOOM! All the past hurts gone and it’s unicorns farting out rainbows all over the darn place!

For You was just too wordy! It became repetitious on a number of levels and I found myself skimming which I rarely ever do. I found it made For You go on for foreverrrr. Shorten and make those words count!

We get a very good idea on who the serial killer is like a third of the way into For You and, unfortunately, this is where the suspense and mystery fell flat. Which is a surprise because Kristen Ashley usually doesn’t disappoint in this area.


My “For You” review really SHOULD have been “For You knocked it outta the park home run!!!’ but, unfortunately, my first ‘Burg Series read was just not that.

There shouldn’t ever be any page skimming in a book but definitely not a romantic suspense. Every romantic suspense needs those, “Holy Moses! Well maybe it’s this person!” or “Say what now? I thought for sure it was so and so!” and the ‘Burg Series, For You just didn’t give me those feelers.

Does the whole ‘Burg Series; At Peace, Golden Trial,  Games Of The Heart, The Promise, and Hold Onfollow in ‘For You’s’ footsteps? No, thankfully not! At Peace, The Promise, and Hold On are on my re-read shelf and I’ve done just that many times!



Any thoughts on my review for the ‘Burg Series For You? Or For You itself? I’d love to hear them pop them down below or shoot me an email at: 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Kristen Ashley-The Burg Series, For You

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Cindy!!

    You’re very welcome!! I’m glad you liked it.

    Honestly, there’s really no reason to ever be mean with a review.
    Everyone has things that ‘just do it’ for them and things that just don’t.
    Kristen Ashley is a great author and an even more wonderful
    person! I wrote her a fan mail letter a number of years ago and I actually got a personal response back from her!
    Like I said before, just because For You didn’t do it for me doesn’t mean that I’m not a faithful fan to her anymore.

    Kinda like food, just because you don’t like something in particular; for example, ‘yellow label no name’ Oreos. Doesn’t mean you’ve written off all Oreos (that’d be awful). Just that specific brand of Oreos.

    Kristen is incredibly skilled and crazy talented at what she does. Everything she writes is worth a read.

    I’m sorry for the novel I just wrote you, lol!
    I really appreciate you following me, hearing your thoughts and stopping in to chat!

    Have a good one Cindy 🙂


  • Cindy

    Thanks for doing this review Amanda! It was refreshing to hear two different reviews. Like I mentioned before, I wanted your opinion and I’m glad you gave it.
    Honest and you weren’t mean about the book just not doing it for you.

    Great review!