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T.M. Frazier Gave Me My King!!

I am a HUGE fan of T.M. Frazier and she didn’t let me down with her first book in the King Series. If your trigger finger is feeling twitchy then just let it happen and pull it and make contact with “BUY” button! You feeling the need to push people out of the way in the line at Chapters? This may be your one free pass so give it a go (I take no responsibility if you don’t get a free pass)! T.M. Frazier brings out all these feelings as natural as eating chocolate everyday so don’t fight it and just let it happen 🙂

I’ll give a tiny bit of insider info here and even though King is the first book in the King Series, there is a prequel; The Dark Light Of Day and a novella; Dark Needs. You don’t NEED to read these but I find that they just enhance your King experience. Not reading them doesn’t take away from King, T.M. Frazier did an amazing job of avoiding that, but a character from those two book does make an appearance in King.

If you’ve never read anything by T.M. Frazier than you are in for a real treat but be aware that she is a ‘no bars held’ kind of author. She touches on some pretty brutal topics and they’re not glossed over. There is a darkness to all of T.M. Frazier’s books so you need to go in open minded and expect that. I had no idea when I read her for the first time and let me tell you! I had some very unflattering eye bulging, cringing moments, but that also made me love her! And be prepared for some EPIC cliffhangers!

Alright alright, I shall move forward with my review on T.M. Frazier’s, King!

Where Does King Start

King is told in duel point of views, our heroine, Jane Doe ‘Doe’ or “Pup”, and our Hero, Brantley King ‘King’. T.M. Frazier starts us out with a brief glimpse of King when he is 12 years of age and this is where we get the first look at King’s best friend, Preppy, and then moves on to present day still in King’s point of view.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Doe has no idea who she is, where she came from, or anything in general about herself and to add to her list of awesome things; her only “friend” at the moment is a junkie prostitute named Nikki. Not the best of circumstances to say the least.

Doe walks into King’s radar at his “Released From Prison Welcome Home” party and it is one of those ways where you just pray never happens to you. The moment their eyes meet there is something there. Fear on her part and something else entirely on his and this is just the beginnings of everything that is Doe and King.

Not Everything Is Black And White

Nikki finds Doe in King’s bedroom all by herself and things spiral out of control faster than an 80 year old thread bare shirt! Nikki lands up getting caught stealing a whack of money from King, shoots Doe in her escape out the window, and leaving Doe and her fate in the hands of King and Preppy. Both not very good hands to be in.

King assumes that Doe is a junkie and plans to “keep” her until that debt is paid off.  King treats Doe like the junkie and thief that she is not and it is Preppy that comes to realize that Doe is telling the truth and, is in fact, NOT a junkie or thief and has no idea who in the hell she is. This is where Preppy and Doe’s friendship begins much to King’s irritation.

There is an undeniable connection between King and Doe and it’s not just lust. Doe starts to see a different side of King and King is right beside Doe in that department.

Doe’s staying at King’s house becomes a place that starts to feel something that resembles home…or maybe is it King that feels like home?

Little does Doe know, but King is on a quest to find out just who she truly is and when he does, she is much more than he ever thought.

King finds the answers he’s looking for but it’s what he does with them that will

make or break Doe

….and possibly himself….

What Does T.M. Frazier Give Us In King?

T.M. Frazier gives us one hell of an erotic read with King. She gives us a heroine that has an immeasurable amount of strength but it’s not a bitter, sharp-edged strength. Doe’s strength has got a soft quality to it. T.M. Frazier melded those two drastically different qualities together seamlessly with Doe. There is a vulnerability to Doe and this only adds to intricacies that are Doe. Somehow T.M. Frazier doesn’t take any of the strength away with any of that and it’s pretty darn remarkable!

T.M. Frazier delivers a hard edged and broody Hero with King but, surprisingly, that’s not all that he is. He actually has a few rays of light that we get little glimpses of and it just works with all the scary and rough that surrounds King. Those little rays are primarily for Preppy, and Bear (No more mention of Bear for you!) but slowly Doe gets them as well. King was dealt a serious shit deck of cards and that resulted in him being the cut throat man he is, and those little rays are an exquisite contrast. T.M. Frazier gives us more than you’ll ever expect with King. The complexity that encompasses him is insane.

My Final Thoughts On King?

Hmmmm, well let me see, T.M. Frazier didn’t just deliver a rock solid, stellar erotic romance but she also gave my inner book cover whore a little somethin’ somethin’ so I’d have to say that I enjoyed the shit outta myself with King!

I actually went into King thinking it would be something completely different and I was pleasantly surprised when T.M. Frazier threw me off kilter. Yes, it had all of the angst, shrouded darkness, sit on the edge of me seat suspense but it also had some humor to it. Not a lot, and I wouldn’t say that it was ‘laugh out loud’, but just a giggle or chuckle here and there, just enough to break it up. I don’t even know how you can accomplish something like that in a dark erotic romance but T.M. Frazier delivers just that in King.

I loved Doe and her journey….that has just taken another turn***I’m giving you a sneaky grin here My Little Possums!*** but I think what made her just that much better was Prep or Preppy. He became the friend and confidant that she desperately needed and it…was frigging awesome! She had a quirky-ness to her that I just adored and I loved the fact that she started out that way in King and it was still in tact at the nasty cliffhanger-thanks for that by the way, T.M. Frazier, I did NOT enjoy that cliffy at all!

King was a lot of what I was expecting but there was a couple things that I wasn’t. I didn’t expect him to have such an internal struggle when it came to Doe and just what those struggles were. I definitely wasn’t expecting him to have a couple of ‘bumbling about’ moments around Doe either but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it gave yet another dimension to King.

Now, because I’m nice and all sorts of awesome (I’d tell you even if I was a cranky old bitty too 😉 ), I will tell you that, YES, T.M. Frazier delivers in the smutty, sexy times. But, that is putting it mildly! T.M. Frazier is known to not skimp out on this part and King was no exception. I’d have to say that King is a straight up erotic romance…..even a dark erotic romance sans the BDSM.

T.M. Frazier hit every note that I was looking for in King and even added a few little extras in there for me so it won’t be a surprised that King has found a home on my ‘re-read’ shelf! Right beside, The Dark Light of Day! I’m willing to take any dark erotic romance that T.M. Fraizer gives me if they’re anything like her other books! I can safely say that she has kicked the King Series off right and I can’t wait for Tyrant!!!!



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*****King ends in a brutal cliffhanger but the second book, Tyrant, is available!*****

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  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Jenn!

    You’re very welcome!! So glad I could help!
    I hope you enjoy King (and then King Series) as much as I did 🙂


  • Jenn

    Hey Amanda,

    Thank you!!

    I was reading some of your reviews as I was about to begin reading The Preppy Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater Part 1, but your review says to start with King…which is very good advice! I thought anything that say Pt 1 is the FIRST book in a series–evidently not. I’m very glad I read your review first, and am super excited to start my journey with King!