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Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’, is a stellar read and I’d go as far to say one of the best thriller books I’ve read in quite some time. Khaled Talib is known for his outstanding writing and rocked the mystery thrillers sub-genre with not only ‘Gun Kiss’ but also ‘Incognito’ and Smokescreen!  Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ is his latest release and hits all the marks any good mystery or suspense thriller book should possess!

In my review on Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ you’ll get an idea as to why it found a home on my ‘good mystery thrillers for Amanda!’ Without further adieu here is my review on Khaled Talib’s newest novel, ‘Gun Kiss’!

Book Title: Gun Kiss
Series: Standalone
Author: Khaled Talib
Category: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.
Published: December 2017
Where To Buy: Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Abebooks, Book Depository, Indigo, Alibris, Better World Books, IndiBound.

Our Author Khaled Talib

Khaled Talib is not only recognized for his full length Mystery & Suspense Thrillers, ‘Incognito’‘, ‘Smokescreen’ and his latest ‘Gun Kiss’ but also world wide for his many literacy accomplishments such as Khaled’s short stories, ‘I Swear It Happened Just Like This: 17 Short Stories for Your Pocket’, and journalism.

It’s no surprise that Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’, Incognito’, and ‘Smokescreen’ found themselves on the Mystery & Suspense Thrillers list as he’s a member of the International Thrillers Writers org and the UK Crime Writers Association. To add to his many accomplishments ‘Incognito’ won the Silver Award in the AuthorsDB Book Cover for 2017 and I think it will only be a matter of time before Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ will find a home on that very same list!

What’s “Gun Kiss” Storyline

‘Gun Kiss’ starts out with our Hero, covert agent Blake Deco, fresh off a successful mission in the retrieval of the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln. One would say that Blake is a “contractor” of sorts (and I use that term loosely) whom ‘does under the radar’ retrieving of stolen artifacts and such.  After just arriving back to U.S. soil from Russia, Blake is asked by an acquaintance to rescue the stunning movie star, Goldie St. Helen, from a Mexican kingpin drug lord in Tijuana.

Blake and an old army comrade are successful in the retrieval of the stunning starlet, Goldie, but what Blake didn’t bargain for was the diabolical psycho kingpin to have an out of control obsession with Goldie and the great lengths the heinous drug lord will go through to get Goldie back!

Nor the pleasure and solace Blake has found in the Hollywood Beauty!

Goldie and Blake are plunged into a world where the shades of grey in the politic world are vast and the dangers are grave

…..on both sides of the border.

What I Missed In Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’

Now this a personal preference deal therefore does NOT reflect on Khalid Talib’s writing abilities. Also bare in mind (I had to remind myself) nor does ‘Gun Kiss’ fall into the Romance Genre.

I would have preferred more smutty, naughty bits….we all know I’m a bit scandalous and saucy that way 😉 lol. So if soft romance is what your in store for than Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ will be a perfect match for ya!

What I Enjoyed In “Gun Kiss”

I loved how ‘Gun Kiss’ had me guessing and then second guessing myself as to what was going to happen next constantly. Just when I thought I had it nailed, Khaled would throw me for a loop (probably laughing knowing he’s just thrown us a curve) and have me saying, “Bah! I thought for sure I had you on this one Mr Khalid Talib!”.

I throughly enjoyed how Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ had my heart racing and literally saying out loud, “Oh Sweet Lucifer! He is NOT going to follow through! There’s no possible way! WHAT! He soo just followed through!!”

In my opinion, to make an exceptional mystery thriller or suspense thriller the author must test the readers moral compass and Khalid Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ accomplished this in spades for me.  — Is it okay to kill if the only other option is be killed? What would I do in this or that same situation? Even now as I review my own thoughts I still war with myself. —


‘Gun Kiss’ is my very first book by Khaled Talib and I can’t argue with all the praise ‘Gun Kiss’ received or the true talent that Khalid Talib possess in the mystery thrillers genre or the literacy world in general.  Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’ delivers an adrenaline pumping, sit on the edge of your seat mystery thriller here. Mystery or suspense thrillers isn’t a genre I normally read but I will admit that I quite enjoyed myself with Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’. And if I’m ever feeling like venturing back into this genre in the future I think I’d give the Incognito’ and ‘Smokescreen’  books a read.

Favourite ‘Gun Kiss’ Quotes

“What’d you do to my poor Fufu?”

“My cat has been spayed, jerkoff. You on the other hand need to be sanitized.”

It was kindly requested I give an honest and unbiased review on Khaled Talib’s ‘Gun Kiss’.






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