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Was the wait for Kennedy Fox’s 3rd book in the Checkmate Series ‘Checkmate: This is Reckless’ worth it? Yes, for the most part. Kennedy does a wonderful job with ‘This is Reckless’ but Drew and Courtney were just different, and I’m not sure I loved it. No doubt that Kennedy Fox’s incredibly talented however I found ‘This is Reckless’ to be just a bit under the mark from Bk 1 & Bk2 in the Checkmate Series: This is War and This is Love (Trevor & Viola).

Take a read through my review on ‘This is Reckless’ and see why Kennedy Fox’s 3rd book in the Checkmate Series fell a tiny bit short for me.

Book Title: This is Reckless, BK 3
Series: Checkmate Series
Author: Kennedy Fox
Category: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance.
Published: February 2017
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks.

About Our Author Kennedy Fox

This may or may not come as a surprise (it did for me!) but Kennedy Fox is a pen name for not one but TWO mystery yet crazy talented authors!

The duo collaborated together to give us Checkmate Series: The is War, This is LoveThis is Reckless, and This is Effortless, and Kennedy Fox does a rock solid job with them all!

When the two delivering little gems like, This is War, This is Love, This is Reckless, and This is Effortless, they are making a home on the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym list!

You can find Kennedy Fox’s Checkmate Series under a number of sub genre’s but not limited to; Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, New Adult, and College Romance!

What Is ‘This Is Reckless’ Story Line?

I am not going to give you much in ‘This is Reckless’s story line as I don’t want to unintentionally give any spoilers!

Drew, is the brother of Viola and best friend to Trevor and Courtney is Viola’s long time best friend so the four find themselves in the same circle more often than not.

Courtney has had feelings for Drew since day one and straddles the line of making feelings known to Drew and saving herself from the hurt of rejection. Drew on the other hand has loved his on and off again girlfriend, Mia, for 3 years therefor is completely oblivious to Courtney’s feelings for him.

Drew and Courtney find themselves as roommates when Viola and Trevor finally realize that love and hate are very much alike.

Mia, obviously hates that Courtney is Drew’s roommate and forces Drew to choose between keeping Courtney as a roommate or letting Mia walk away.

After a night of hot, albeit inebriated, passion, Drew and Courtney find themselves in a face off what is to possibly come.

“Losing her would end me”.-Drew

Does Drew find the love he thought he had with Mia in Courtney?

“He still affects me in ways I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ignore.”-Courtney

Does Courtney take a chance and tell Drew of her feelings and risk rejection?

Or do they both ride out the storm that is quite possibly just lust?

‘This Is Reckless’Highlights For Me

I loved how Kennedy Fox told ‘This is Reckless’ in duel point of view. Getting inside both Drew and Courtney’s head and having a birds eye view of why they acted the way they did was nothing short of awesome!

Even though we get a sense of who Drew and Courtney are in, This is War and This is Love, Kennedy Fox continues to give us well balanced and dynamic characters in ‘This is Reckless”. There’s an internal struggle that both Courtney and Drew fight as well as a vulnerability to both of them and it just adds to the complexity of them.

I loved that Drew had a sweet side but what was most surprising was the alpha that he pulled out. I didn’t get that sense from him before and when he pulls that little ditty out of his hat? Just “MmmmMmmm!”

Courtney has just the right amount of wildness and sass to compliment her southern charm and sweetness. They both balance one and other out and it makes for a rock solid heroine!

Just like the rest of the Checkmate Series, Kennedy Fox delivers on the sexy smutty times! And it’s in ‘panty melting’ spades!

Why ‘This Is Reckless’ Fell A Tiny Bit Short

I found Drew had his “Mia” epiphany moment way too fast. It was a little unbelievable for me. Mia and Drew were unhealthy and disfunction on every level and that’s exactly why Drew’s quick epiphany was a little unbelievable to me. In my opinion, you just don’t “see the light” after years of manipulating dysfunction.

With Drew’s quick epiphany he had a case of insta-love. Now we all know that this is a completely personal pet peeve of mine therefore plays no role in Kennedy Fox’s writing abilities. If ‘insta-love’ is your thing or doesn’t bother you then the reason for my ruffled feather or why ‘This is Reckless’ fell a tiny bit short won’t make a difference for you.


Kennedy Fox delivers a stellar New Adult Contemporary Romance with ‘This is Reckless’! All personal reasons aside, ‘This is Reckless’ is an outstanding follow up to the Checkmate Duo: This is War and This is Love. So if your looking for a sweet, panty melting, feel good read, then I definitely recommend Kennedy Fox’s ‘This is Reckless’. Will I continue on with the Checkmate Series and read Kennedy Fox’s conclusion to ‘This is Reckless’, This is Effortless? Big resounding YES! 



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