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No ACTUAL darkness here ladies and gents! K.F. Breene’s, Into the Darkness is all unicorns and rainbows! Well, actually, not really but you best be getting your proverbial jets ready cause you’re gonna want to be all over Into the Darkness like white on rice!!

That trigger happy finger is going to be going trigger crazy with pretty much all of K.F. Breene’s books. Get the seat buckled, let the jet fuel loose and blast off for your very own, Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene!

Let’s Shed Some Light on K.F. Breene and Into the Darkness

Ooo whee My Little Doves! I have to say that K.F. Breene is probably one of my most favourite fantasy, supernatural and paranormal romance authors to date. I actually came across K.F. Breene and Into the Darkness purely by accident because I was on the hunt for a completely different read at the time and let me tell you! I was NOT disappointed and continued straight away onto the second book, Braving the Elements, in the Darkness Series.  K.F. Breene’s, Into the Darkness is the star of the show in this review today so go grab your favourite latte, piece of chocolate and get comfy for my review!

 Shadows Lurking About

Right off the binger the prologue gives you that, “holy crap! I have no idea where this is going to go but I like it!” feeling with our heroine, Sasha, being saved by some creature. Now what that creature is, we have no idea and we honestly have no idea as to whether they are of the ‘cute ponies and rainbows’ nature or the ‘pee your pants and make like a bunny and hide’ sinister type but KNOW that they are going to be the catalyst in Sasha’s life at some point.

Fast forward into Sasha’s adulthood, where she is attending college and for the most part is happy. She thinks and feels she may be a bit crazy as she sees “shadows” on the outer edges of darkness, primarily the edge of the forest that no one else can see. Aaaand ensue our intrigue and (unfortunately for her) her on the receiving end of “are you off the bean?” looks. But for the most part she is enjoying ‘normal’ college life as a student.

Sasha’s ‘normal’ life takes a drastic turn one evening on a date with her boyfriend, Jared. She finds herself face to face with some seriously messed up situations (ones that literally had me saying, “uhhhh, say whaaaaat?”)  and comes to realize that these “shadows” are in fact REAL and have some weird pull on her.

K.F. Breene Brings The Shadows To Life…Sorta

This is where Sasha is dropped down the rabbit hole so to speak and is realizing that her pull to the shadows comes with a whole slew of  problems, feelings and confusion. This new world introduces her to a chaotic mess (she unintentionally caused) where she finds herself in a completely no bars held sexual vampire world. All the while running into the “Boss” aka Stefan and inadvertently continues to drop herself on his radar as well as just about every other vampire and creature out there! How does one DEAL with that?! Cray cray I tell you!

With a strange “butt tingling” sense of self preservation and unwanted body guard Sasha finds herself letting go of parts of her life that she wasn’t prepared for as well as being forced to accept a life that she subconsciously knew was out there waiting in the shadows for her….

A Small Into The Darkness Snippet of the “Boss”

  1. Drop dead gorgeous? Check
  2. Oozes sexual energy in spades? Check
  3. Broody, arrogant attitude to match above list? Check
  4. Leaves a constant ‘one finger salute’ on your behalf? Check

Stefan is not your typical alpha male character. Yes, he is the don’t take no shit from anyone, kick ass and ask questions later’ hero but he fights his attraction to Sasha tooth and nail.

He rules his empire with an iron fist but when it comes to Sasha he seems to flounder a bit and doesn’t really seem to know WHAT to do with her genuine ignorance to him, his kind and even her own self. Through all that confusion that surrounds his feeling in regards to Sasha there is one thing he is sure about. And that is that he knows what he WANTS to do with her (could be sexy times for them or it could be tossing her off a bridge or something else entirely! **I’m giving you a sneaky grin here cause I’m not going to tell).

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, he is…well for lack of better wording but, a total dick when it comes to any of his interactions with Sasha!

Does Stefan ever figure out that Sasha doesn’t deserve his hostility?

Or does he continue to fight Sasha tooth and nail and continue to go on his jerkish ways?

LOVE LOVE LOVE Into The Darkness Characters

One of the things I loved with Into the Darkness was the character development. K. F. Breene was able to weave each character into their true self. There was no one dimensional characters in Into the Darkness.
I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much everything about Sasha. She had me giggling and tittering like a school boy understanding his first dirty joke (receiving “are you all right?” looks from my kids and hubby) I don’t know how many times. But she also had just the right amount of serious and morality in her too. The “butt tingle” and her interactions with Charles are probably by far the funniest things I’ve read in the fantasy, supernatural, paranormal genre, to date-yes that is all I’m going to say on the “butt tingle”!

Now speaking of Charles, aka unwanted body guard, he is right up there with Sasha in the cackling like a deranged fool department. Somehow K.F. Breene managed to make him just as dimensional as Sasha and STILL hilarious-as far as I’m concerned that’s a really tough feat and she accomplished this flawlessly with these two. The dry wit and banter between the two was just down right comical. Between Charles ‘just hitting puberty’ antics and knitting ways, he made for one hell of a character-one that I just adore!

Moving onto the character that you hate but love all at the same time….and enter “Boss” Stefan. Like I mentioned previously, he flounders and kinda bumbles around a bit with Sasha which in many senses is quite comical to watch. But in saying that he’s just such an…ass about it and you just can’t help but want to give him the bird, which I did to my Kindle a couple of times. I loved watching him struggle with his unwanted attraction and pull to Sasha, lack of knowing what to do with her true ignorance to all that is their kind, and yet still run an empire that is possibly on the brink of war all while in a fortress that is basically sexy times 90% of the time.

My Final Thoughts On Into the Darkness

K.F. Breene gave us some seriously questionable, eyebrow raising, cringing, “what the…?” moments with Into the Darkness. She has you feeling like, ‘uhhhh moral compass? You seem to be MIA at the moment and should maybe make an appearance sometime soon” on more than one occasion, and I do know that that was a bit of issue for some but, me, personally I don’t actually mind and most times prefer that ‘walking the razors edge’.

If an author can have me cackling out loud like a deranged banshee, have my nose basically glued to my kindle in suspense, and fidgeting in my seat with all the sexy smexy smut, then as far as I’m concerned that’s a ‘no brainer’ hit.  Into the Darkness delivers well balanced, quirky, broody, sexy characters and it’s done seamlessly and exceptionally. How K.F. Breene accomplished ALL of this is in one book is anyone’s guess but if an author can pull this off then she gets and deserves a standing ovation!

In conclusion, K.F. Breene managed to give us a bit of a mind warp and soooo much more AND amazingly she did it flawlessly with Into the Darkness. Now whether she did this easily on her end, I don’t know, but all I can say is that she hit a homer with Into the Darkness! Soooo, I’m sure you’ve all guessed from my K.F. Breene’s, Into the Darkness review (actually her Darkness Series in general) has made it on to my ‘reread’ bookshelf!




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As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this wee bit of mind warp yet saucy and hilarious romance so please feel free to share YOUR favourite moments or thoughts in the comment section below or drop me an email at 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Into the Darkness Review – Rock solid hit by K.F. Breene!

  • Amanda Post author

    Awww, that’s great Amy!! I can’t even say how much I loved the whole Darkness series! I’ve read it like 5 times! I love the craziness of Sasha and Charles just cracks me up!!

    I’m so glad you stopped back in to chat with me! Loved every minute of it and loved hearing your thoughts 🙂


  • Amy

    I just finished the first book! So good! I could not stop reading!! The ‘butt tingle’ was subtle and so awesome! Glad you pointed it out because that made it even more enjoyable 😁 Gonna check out your other books! Can’t wait for the next journey 😁

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Amy!

    Ha! That “butt tingle” gets me every time, lol. I do have to agree with the K.F. Breene love, she really is just the best! Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts, I really appreciate it and loved hearing them! If the bug hits, feel free to stop in and chat with me anytime 🙂


  • Amy

    I love K.F. Greene! I just downloaded it! Super excited to start this journey and see what the ‘butt tingle’ experience is all about!!

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Jenn!

    That’s awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It was the “butt tingle” wasn’t it? Lol. I hope you like Braving the Elements just as much.

    Thank you so much for letting me know you’re thoughts 🙂


  • Jenn

    Hi Amanda,

    I was able to finally finish Into The Darkness and can’t thank you enough for the review. I loved the review and the book itself! I just finished your Braving the Elements review and will be starting the book soon!


  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Janelle!

    The “butt tingle” won’t disappoint 😉 lol. I think you’ll really like the series if you enjoyed my review. Like I said, this book and whole series is one of my reread and favourites.

    Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts and comments! Feel free to leave your thoughts with me once you have finished Into the Darkness 🙂


  • Janelle

    Wow! This series sounds amazing. I can’t wait to find out what the “butt tingle” is. Putting it on my next to read list.