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A Full Package Just For Me? Why Thank You!

I’ll throw myself under the bus and get it over with, this is my very first Lauren Blakely read. I know I know I know, shame on me and I do feel properly shamed cause I’ve been missing out! Lauren Blakely’s, Full Package, actually falls under the contemporary romance genre but, in my opinion, it’s more of a romantic comedy. Regardless of what genre Full Package is listed under, Lauren Blakely gave a perfectly wrapped present with this one!

Now put yourself into ninja mode and steal one of the best chairs at Starbucks (you know which ones I’m talking about) or find that ‘love your tush’ reading chair, grab the devilishly good peanut butter M&M’s, because I will be going onward with my Full Package review!

Lauren Gives Us A Present!

Full Package is written from our, Hero, Chase’s point of view and it starts out with him in a bit of housing bind….as in he has no where to live and is running a fine line of possibly becoming homeless. This is where our heroine, Josie-also Chase’s best friend, comes in-whom has just lost her roommate-and is having trouble covering the high New York rent costs.

Well, look at that! Ones looking for a place to live and ones looking for a roommate, answers to both of their prayers! And this is where things get interesting! Chase always knew that he was attracted to Josie but he never knew the depth of those feelings and he doesn’t really know how to handle them or her for that matter.

Chase normally excels at compartmentalizing, I mean one has to in order to be an all star doctor, and plans to do just that with all of his attraction and new feelings for Josie. But that seems to be proving a lot more difficult than originally thought. Add in Josie tossing about mixed signals willy nilly and what in the world does Chase do?

Can Chase keep things on the straight and narrow? Do his compartmentalizing ways pull him through?

Or do they abandon him and they’re left with nothing but “Swedish Fish” moments?

What Does Lauren Blakely Give Us?

Lauren Blakely gives a Hero that is not your regular run of the mill Hero in this contemporary romantic comedy. Chase isn’t your Alpha male or, other the side of the spectrum, total man whore. No, he’s actually quite sensitive but somehow Lauren Blakely doesn’t take any of Chase’s….manly-ness away with his sensitive side. It’s actually a work of art as to how she pulls it off too. Chase has a natural hilarity to him (which had me cackling like a loon on many occasions!) but yet posses this uncanny cockiness that you just can’t help but make him your ‘book boyfriend’ instantly.

We don’t get to see inside Josie’s head per se but the way Lauren Blakely weaves her thoughts into this contemporary, romantic comedy is pure genius and I’ve never seen it done before. The little snippets that we do get are just like little morsels of decadent candy! Josie has such a down-to-earth personality and it’s really refreshing as you don’t see much of that anymore.

Lauren Blakely gives us a wholesome and realistic read with Full Package, but the crazy thing is, it doesn’t feel ‘too’ real. It has that perfect balance of realness and escape from the real world that we are all seeking every now and again!

My Final Thoughts On Full Package?

Well My Little Bundles of Sugar, I went into this contemporary romance/romantic comedy pretty blind-hence my first Lauren Blakely book-but I gotta say that I really really liked Full Package!

There was only one itty bitty thing that…..slightly bunched my knickers. I did find that it dragged a little bit. There was a time when I was like, “Sweet Fancy Chase! Just tell her already!! Get off that damn pot!”, but I reigned in my inner impatient self and settled back into the ride. So with that little bit, I’m going with it being a personal thing-patience has never been my strong suit and it popped it’s beautiful head up with Full Package.

Now what I loved? I adored Chase!!! So much so that I want a Chase just for myself! Chase really IS the Full Package, and yes I do realize that sounds totally cheesy but it’s true!! I loved his cocky humour and just his general thought process was hilarious (the toilet paper and “crocodile pillow” had me in hysterics)! But then I got those little snippets of the sweet side and inner battle of doing what he feels is right for Josie and it just hit all of MY sweet spots!

I’ll be completely honest here and say that I can’t pin point what it is exactly that makes me like Josie so much but I really do. I think it may be that she’s her own woman and she owns that shit left, right, and center! There’s only little peek-a-boo’s of Josie’s inner thoughts but the ones that I did get, highlight a quirky-ness to her and she shares almost the same sense of humour as Chase.

What you’ve all been waiting for My Little Ducklings! Does Lauren Blakely deliver on the smutty, sexy smexy times? Holy Smoking Panties does she ever!!! She hits every one of my little buttons that there is to hit….and even a few more that I didn’t know existed! I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t over the top or too much that it took away from the story.

Sooooo, does Lauren Blakely nail it with this contemporary romance/romantic comedy? YES! Does Full Package make it on my ‘re-read’ shelf? Damn right it has! I couldn’t have picked a better first read by Lauren Blakely with Full Package and I will be going back to her often! Couldn’t have given me a better first time present, Lauren Blakely than you did with Full Package!





I would love to hear your thoughts on this sweet contemporary romance/romantic comedy read or even my review so don’t be shy and leave your feelers down below! Or you can always drop me an email at: amanda@loveofromancenovels.com 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Full Package by Lauren Blakely Review – Gift wrapped perfection!

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Jersey!

    I’m glad you liked my review, thank you for taking the time to read it! I’ve put her on my list of “authors to troll”, lol, as, I too, really enjoyed her!

    Have a good one Jersey 🙂


  • Jersey

    This is a great review Amanda! I’ve read quite a few of Lauren Blakely’s books and have loved them all!