Ereaders, Tablets And More

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If you are just starting your journey into the electronic reading world then I’m sure you have looked at a number of devises and are feeling bombarded with information. I know when I very first ventured into this heavenly electronic e-reading world I felt as if my head was going to explode with all the information I found!

There is such a vast amount of information out there on ebook readers and tablets that it is mind blowing and it just keeps evolving. You can spend hours comparing

image2-1devises-Kindle vs Kobo vs Nook (and that’s not even touching the tablets such as the IPad or the Fire tablet) , prices, and all the things in between and still feel like your not one step closer to having that, “yeahhh, lets get my read on!”, moment.

I am going to give you all of my hours of digging and researching on all things to do with ereading devises so there is no need to search any further. Let that frustration go and let me get you to that “yeahhh, lets get my read on!” moment!