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A.C. Bextor gives a doozy with Empires and Kings!

Don’t be shy on hitting the “Buy” button! Don’t go charging up to the front of the line like a bull in a china shop. No, put super stealth mode into gear and sneak past everyone, BUY Empires and Kings, and then tear outta there like the devil is on your heels before you get caught for budding!

Alrighty My Little Daffodils, I want to start out in saying that if this is your very first A.C. Bextor read then be aware that Empires and Kings is a…..test the moral compass type read. And I’ll just put it out there that A.C. Bextor does deliver some pretty cringe worthy and questionable moments. Personally, I enjoy these sorts of qualities in a book but if those things just aren’t for ya at the moment then maybe put Empires and Kings on the back burner for now.

Now, if you enjoy those qualities like myself, then you are in for a real treat! A.C. Bextor and myself that are delivering those treats! Myself with my review and A.C. Bextor for actually writing Empires and Kings, lol.

As always, grab your snacky treat, tip over whomever is in your comfy seat, and hunker the hinny down! And my Empires and Kings review shall commence!

Every Girl Is Scared Of The Dark

A.C. Bextor has us in mostly our heroine, Klara’s, and our Hero, Vlad’s, point of view but we do get brief glances from others.

Empires and Kings starts out with a five year old Klara walking in on a twenty-two year old Vlad torturing her father. As you can imagine, Klara has a melt down and it is Vlad that deals with the melt down and takes Klara into his care. Little did they know was that simple gesture was just the beginning for these two.

15 Years Later

Klara, now 20 years old, finds herself to be a part of Vlad’s family…well more so everyone that resides there besides Vlad. She finds her place with Veni, Vlad’s 16 year old son, and Faina, Vlad’s sister. Vlad has kept his distance from Klara and Klara from him-both for very different reasons. Vlad has watched from a far as Klara grew to be the beautiful woman that she is.

Vlad is not the only one that has noticed Klara’s beauty and this is what kicks off the rocky journey that is Klara and Vlad. Like every Bratva Boss, Vlad takes what he wants and what he wants is Klara! Vlad knows there is a darkness to him, a darkness that he holds close as to not tarnish any of the light that encompasses Klara and with that is where the mountain appear in their journey.

Klara makes a  grave mistake and places herself in a position where she is the primary target of Vlad’s brutally cruel and violent dark side.……Aaaand that is where I leave you My Little Doves! Heartless of me? Maybe. A whole lotta evil? Probably. But is it worth it? Definitely!

Does Klara learn from her mistake?

Or does Vlad’s darkness take over and breaks not only him but Klara too?

Where there is light there is dark but it’s a matter if that light can still have a presence in the darkness.

Every love story must have a villan but what happens when there is more than one?

What Does A.C. Bextor Give Us In Empire And Kings?

A.C. Bextor gives us a heroine with Klara that is dealt a crap deck of cards but Klara doesn’t let those awful circumstances define her. If anything they make her stronger and this is where her pure beauty and rays of light shine through. It is just down right admirable at times.

Klara possess a wholesomeness that could be mistaken for naivety but that’s not it at all. What Vlad mistakes for naivety and innocence is actually an inner strength that matches, and at times surpasses, his own. It’s really something to see and A.C. Bextor does an outstanding job of showing this. A.C. Bextor weaves this with a subtlety and grace that is stunning!

A doozy of a Hero is what A.C. Bextor gives us with Vlad. He is everything that Klara is not and it’s that very thing that give Vlad the biggest internal struggle. A.C. Bextor gives us everything we are looking for in a Bratva Boss; broody, cold, and has a calculating calm to him that is down right eery.

Vlad has a darkness to him that is always lurking just below the surface. He is brutal, ruthless and could scare the devil himself but it’s Klara that seems to counter balance these very qualities. This is where her strength rivals his but it is just in very different ways.

A.C. Bextor gives us a masterpiece with both Klara and Vlad. They have their own distinct beauty to them but put together? Nothing short of breath taking! We get a gritty read with Empire and Kings and it’ll leave you feeling exposed, raw, and at times confused with yourself but you enjoy every moment! 

My Final Thoughts On Empire And Kings?

Hmmmm, I can say without a doubt that I very much enjoyed myself but there were a couple of things that had me scowling and muttering profanities a few times. I think those are a personal preference thing therefore I fight with myself as to whether my crankiness is valid.

I found Klara to have an almost insta-love thing going on with Vlad and almost a little bit with Vlad for Klara but I noticed it more so on Klara’s end. Now, this is where I’m arguing with myself because I don’t live in that terrifying, crazy lifestyle so maybe once you find a good thing and it clicks it just clicks and BOOM! Love! And here in lies my conundrum.

Even if there is actually insta-love going on that may be your thing and won’t bother you at all.  For myself? It’s a personal pet peeve. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like A.C. Bextor has Klara falling madly in love with Vlad in 2.5 seconds, there definitely a build up but just not enough for me.

Klara in my opinion was a teensy tiny bit of a push over at times but in saying that, she did have moments where I was like, “Wow, look at you go girl!” and they threw me for a loop at times as it was so opposite of what I seen in other aspects.

But, once again, I don’t live in that lifestyle so I don’t have the faintest clue as to when you should put those big girl knickers on and be all bad-ass or when you need to reign in the inner bad-ass and be the voice of reason. I’d probably find myself in a shit ton of trouble all the time….that’s a thought better left alone. So once again, the internal conundrum continues!

NOW, what I loved?

I loved how A.C. Bextor worked out a balance between Klara and Vlad, even with the stuff that annoyed me, it just worked. Where the darkness threatened to take Vlad down, Klara was there to pull him out just enough for him to not lose his inner self but enough to not let it consume him. It was truly a thing of beauty!

A.C. Bextor had me loving all the supporting characters! I loved how the villains were fan-frick’in-tastic villains! I hated them just like I was supposed to and maybe even a little bit more than was necessary! Then on the other side of the spectrum I loved everyone else on the other side. Faina? Veni? Abram? Rueon? I may have left some out but I loved them all!

All the sexy smexy erotic times were up where I want them. I loved the variety of emotions that came along in Empires and Kings in this area. I don’t see that often but they were here and it added just a whole new complexity to both Klara and Vlad.

What really did it for me in Empire and Kings?

A.C. Bextor gave my own moral compass a run for its money and it rocked on all sorts of levels! There were times where I was like, “hmmm, well when you put it that way….maybe that is ok?” and it was on stuff that I am adamantly against. There was no shortage of moments where she had me yelling at my Kindle, “NO! That did NOT just happen!!….I cannot believe that really just happened!” and I loved every damn moment! A.C. Bextor gave me everything I look for in a erotic romance and suspense romance. She combined these two genres flawlessly!

Re-read shelf? I’ve actually read it again so that should answer your question 😉 Couldn’t have asked for a better erotic romance or suspense romance-whichever one works for you-with Empires and Kings! Great job A.C. Bextor!



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