Elle Christensen, ‘Another Postcard’, Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series

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Elle Christensen’s got a wicked start with her first rockstar contemporary romance of 2017, ‘Another Postcard’ in the Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series!! Even though ‘Another Postcard’ falls under the contemporary rockstar romance, Elle gives us a bit of everything in ‘Another Postcard’: raw angst, suspense, and a touch of humour. Elle Christensen has a smooth quality to her writing and it shines through in Stone Butterfly Rockstars 1st Book Another Postcard’ resulting a rock solid read!

Take a read through my review and see my take on Elle Christensen‘s start to the Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series 1st Book, ‘Another Postcard’! 

Book Title: Another Postcard
Series: Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series
Author: Elle Christensen
Category:  Contemporary Romance, Rockstar Romance.
Published: May 2017
Where To Buy: Amazon , Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks.

‘Another Postcard’ Storyline

‘Another Postcard’ starts out with Levi, our Hero, the lead singer of Stone Butterfly, sitting through back up singer auditions and being incredibly unhappy  and has no problem showing it!

Our heroine, Brooklyn, is an incredibly talented, much sought after singer and finds herself “auditioning” for Stone Butterfly. Levi has vetoed every person before Brooklyn and has every intention of doing exactly that until Brooklyn walks in and shows just how truly talented she is.

Levi not only agrees 100% that Brooklyn needs to be a part of Stone Butterfly but he also has every intention of make Brooklyn HIS! 

Brooklyn feels the instant connection between Levi and her but she also has responsibilities, her mentally challenged younger sister being one of them, to keep in mind therefor she adheres to a strict code of rules. One of which that she will NOT get involved with any band member.

Levi has every intention of testing and breaking said rules and he’s going to enjoy every moment of it! Brooklyn has no intention of breaking said rules and plans on keeping Levi at a distance and in his place!

It’s a test of wills!

Who will break first? Levi or Brooklyn?

But not everyone is as they seem leaving Levi and Brooklyn open to a danger neither one of them saw coming…

What I Loved About ‘Another Postcard’

I love love love that Elle Christensen wrote ‘Another Postcard’ in duel point of view. I always find it gives a more dynamic feel and quality to the read and this time was no different!

I loved that Levi was so patient and understanding with Brooklyn, it had a gentle and soft quality to it. But, oddly enough, Levi also had no shortage of bad boy, commanding Alpha sense to him. It resulted in Levi being a whole package of smoking hot that I wanted every part of!

Brooklyn has a strength that is out of this world but also harbours a vulnerability to her and that vulnerability only peaks through every so often. It creates for a well rounded, truly complex heroine that I just can’t help but love.

Elle Christensen does not short in the smut department and the burn between Levi and Brooklyn had me fidgeting in my seat more than once!

One Hookup

The title, ‘Another Postcard’, threw me for a bit of loop. The story does revolve around exactly that, it’s just that usually the title resembles something of the “happy”, “lovey dovey” nature and, well…it just didn’t this time. It’s not bad but it just has me scratching me head a tiny bit…..I guess cause it’s just so out of the norm.

Utmost Respect For Elle Christensen

I loved that Elle Christensen wrote about a subject that is very dear to my heart in ‘Another Postcard’ which is mental illness. Yes, mental illness awareness and public acceptance has made leaps and bounds in recent years but it is still very much a taboo subject-I speak from personal experience here. It was a bold move and one that could have backfired very easy but Elle accomplishes this with so much class it’s truly remarkable and she should be incredibly proud of herself.


Elle Christensen’s give us a well rounded, complex read with ‘Another Postcard’ and one hell of a start to the Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series’! Elle Christensen not only delivers on the rockstar contemporary genre, ‘Another Postcard’ could very easily fall into the romantic suspense genre and it would fit in very well! Another Postcard’ is my first book by Elle Christensen and I loved enjoyed every moment of it!  I very much look forward to seeing what’s to come in the Stone Butterfly Rockstars Series!

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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