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Are You Afraid? Because You Should Be…

El DiabloAlright all my Lovelies put the running shoes on because this review for El Diablo by M. Robinson will have your feet hitting the pavement to go out and buy your very own El Diablo! As always M. Robinson has given us another grand slam outta the park read with El Diablo.

Ok, I’m not even sure where to start off other than OMG! El Diablo is an erotic romance that is a bit on the dark side so if that’s what’s suit’in you at the moment than this is the book for you. M. Robinson starts El Diablo with a bang and doesn’t stop.

The first page literally (ok, obviously not literally but you know what I mean) glued me to my reading device. There were so many moments where I was three seconds away from drop kicking the Hero in the cajones and slapping the heroine BUT if a book can pull those type of emotions outta me then….well you just keep going cause you know it’s dynamite!

Now Lets Let El Diablo OUT!

Alejandro Eduardo Martinez is our Hero and was forced to grow up at 15 years old when he walked in on his older sister, Amari, and the love of his young life, Sophia, were moments away from having the innocence of life ripped away. Alejandro makes the decision with the “help” of his (questionably sane) father to take the lives of the men that were the catalyst of this whole situation. That snap decision sealed Alejandro’s fate of becoming the future Cartel/Mob boss and lead to him becoming, El Diablo-The Devil.

First Glance At El Diablo

Alejandro turns into the a$$hole that you hate but love at the same time….or sometimes just hate. After that fateful night, Amari, who had thought the world of her brother, saw the makings of exactly what Alejandro was becoming-turning into the horrific man that their father was, and lost all respect for him which, of course, started the downward spiral to his darkness.

Alejandro actually embraces the darkness to some degree. Now you would think that this incident would throw a major kink into him and Sophia’s relationship-not the case and they actually get engaged a few years later.

BUT ANOTHER (major “Holy Sh#T! Noooo!” moment) heart breaking situation happens that destroys the relationship that Alejandro has with Amari, leads to the slippery downward slope and demise of all that is Sophia and Alejandro and ultimately everyone he loves.


And El Diablo is truly awakened and born.

El Diablo’s Angel?

Fast ward a numbers of years later and in comes our heroine, Lexi Carino. Oh Lexi, this poor wounded soul. She is probably one of the strongest characters that I’ve come across in quite some time. The hardships she’s lived through and internal scars that she carries around are unimaginable.

Lexi lived a brutal childhood, one that consisted of neglect from her chronically depressed Mother and sexual molestation by her step father for a several years. She found solace in dancing as a little girl and it followed all the way into adulthood. Her love of dancing evolved into a love for ballet. Ballet was something that no one could take away from her and becoming a professional ballerina is her dream. Her hard work pays off as she gets older when she’s accepted to Julliard and she grew to be a straight up amazingly talented ballerina.

Annnnd enter the beginnings of Lexi and El Diablo and, wowzers, the sparks fly right from the get go!

ANOTHER, “ohhhh NO….”, situation happens that really kick starts the roller coaster of all things that are Lexi, Alejandro and El Diablo…..yes, I do refer to Alejandro as two characters because that is exactly what he evolves into.

Who Does M. Robinson Give Us?

Lexi and Alejandro’s relationship and Lexi and El Diablo’s relationship are one and the same and you really have to read, El Diablo, to truly understand what I mean by that. Their complicated relationships are spanned over a number of years and they are so damn angsty that your heart literally hurts at times. He is dark, The Devil, with a little bit of light. She is all light, An Angel, with hairline fractures.

Does Alejandro and El Diablo keep adding to Lexi’s hairline fractures and eventually break her and become her ultimate demise? Or does Lexi’s love break through El Diablo’s darkness and show him that he can be MORE than just darkness and The Devil?

Absolutely NO Disappointments From M. Robinson

M. Robinson delivers (in my opinion) a hard core angsty, emotional, and total mind warp of a read-with a good dash of steamy scenes to satisfy that inner sexy smexy fiend. El Diablo, gives so many wide eyed, “MIND BLOWN” moments that it is mind boggling!  M. Robinson gave us a brutal, and tortured, dark soul with Alejandro with a bit of alpha-ness in there (yes, alpha-ness is a word) and a strong, genuine, beautiful soul with Lexi.

Final Thoughts On El Diablo?

Yes, there were times where I wanted to throw my kindle and punch El Diablo for all of his douche-baggery ways (even if his reasons were his perverse way of protecting the ones he loved-just another way this book is awesome and messed at the same time). And yes, there were times where I literally shouted, “what the hell Lexi?! Don’t you stand for that!” and wanted to give her a good flick to the forehead. I lost track of how many times I thought I had things figured out and where they were going only to be given a sharp right hook and left with a very unflattering gaping mouth saying, “whaaaat?”. So with all that being said, I would still be flying to the shelves, or whichever reading device you have, for M. Robinson, El Diablo! Love for El Diablo off the charts!






I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelers on this erotic romance so please feel free to leave them in the comments section below! Or you can always drop me an email at:

amanda@loveofromancenovels.com 🙂

P.S. Road To Nowhere is available so no need to throw the well deserved tantrum that would have ensued 😉

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4 thoughts on “El Diablo (The Devil 1) Review – Another big hit for M. Robinson

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Gabirel!
    Thanks so much for your comment! You hit the nail on the head, it IS impressive! One of my new favs! If you do get a chance to read El Diablo, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts 🙂

  • Amanda Post author

    Thanks Mike!!
    Glad I could help! I was wondering the same thing before I gave El Diablo a go but was rocked and pleasantly surprised with it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I really appreciate the feedback 🙂
    Have a good one!