Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga) Review – Hells ya Rachel Van Dyken! 2

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Are YOU Going to Surrender To Dark Surrender? Why Yes, Yes I Am!

I gotta say, Rachel Van Dyken really did it for me on this one!  I’m a huge fan of her and have read a good portion of her books but some how Dark Surrender escaped my radar. Hell, the whole The Dark Ones Saga flew right under my nose. Get the trigger at the ready and lace ’em up cause you aren’t gonna want to miss this one!

I’m gonna start off with my usual upfront honest opinion here and say that I was skeptical going into this read. Not that I thought it was going to be awful but I’ve never read anything paranormal by Rachel Van Dyken and just wasn’t sure if she had a little hidden gem under the velvet cloth. Well, apparently she did and she put my skepticism to rest.

Like always, push whatever innocent bystander out of the way and steal their chair, grab your favorite little snacky treats, and settle in for my Dark Surrender review!

A Siren And Fae? Say What Now?

Dark Surrender is told from duel point of view; our heroine, Hope, and our Hero, Alexander (Alex). We start out in Alex’s  point of view which was a nice change since most books start out in the heroine’s point of view.

Alex is a siren that has decided to “take one for the team” and take on a mate. Not just any mate but a human and lets just say that he likes this idea about as much as getting kicked in the nether bits. He does not hide this fact either from his chosen mate Hope, who unbeknownst to just about everyone (I’m giving you a sneaky little grin here) is a fae elf. Alex has no plans of stopping his titillating siren ways but life doesn’t go according to ones self made plans.

Hope handles this about as good as you’d expect, given the amount of confusion she’s in, since she was completely unaware that she had been chosen to be Alex’s mate. Aaaaand this is where things get interesting My Little Possums! Hope knows how a siren works; that they are a walking, talking, embodiment of sex but Alex also exudes a……darkness yet also a familiarity that she just can’t quite place. I will tell you, My Boppets, this one really caught my intrigue and when I found out why……well lets just say that I literally yelled, “HOLY FANCY PANTIES! Just W-O-W! I don’t even know what to do with that!!!

Will Alex’s tight grip on his siren ways and keeping Hope at a distance, keep him from the darkness lurking?

Or will it take him down a destructive path of no return?

But Hope is unknowingly harboring her own secret and it’s a secret that could change not only her and Alex’s life but for everyone, immortal and human.

Or will it be Hope that leads everyone down the path of destruction with no return?

What Does Rachel Van Dyken Give Us In Dark Surrender?

Rachel Van Dyken gives us a bit of a different paranormal romance here.

Our heroine, Hope, has just the right amount of sweet and innocence but it doesn’t make her annoying or whiny. I find that is hard to do when you have both of those first two qualities in a heroine but Rachel Van Dyken did a bang up job of not delivering the latter. Hope has got a….I’d have to say, awkwardness to her that is just down right hilarious!

We get just the perfect balance of cocky play boy (hence the siren) and broody ‘what lurks in the shadows’, with our Hero, Alex. He also has a vanity and almost cock-sure way about himself and it works frigging perfectly with Hope’s awkwardness which results in some pretty funny interactions!

Hope and Alex were each dealt a less than stellar deck of cards and Rachel Van Dyken makes you feel their hardships. They have their own separate journeys but they are so intertwined and the suspense of getting there is bloody awesome! Both Hope and Alex grow in their own way and yet they still find their way to one and other in the end.

My Final Thoughts On Dark Surrender?

I quite enjoyed myself with this one. Rachel Van Dyken didn’t give me the typical cliche paranormal romance that seems to be found more often than not recently.

I got a different spin on a siren and fae romance and it was rather refreshing. It didn’t have that total ‘insta-love’ thing that seems to be in every ‘mate’ book, so if that’s what you’re in store for then this may not be for you just at the moment. We all know my stance on the ‘insta-love’ so I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise as to my liking.

The characters are well rounded and balanced but still harbor a complexity that just melds like a perfect little Oreo. Both Alex and Hope have a strength to them that isn’t a ‘punch you in the face’ type thing, it’s more subtle and it really worked for me.

Now, I will give you what you have ALL been waiting for! Are there sexy smexy, smutty times in here? The answer is yes! Rachel Van Dyken actually went as far as to put in a M/F/M scene! BOOM! I said it! And it did indeed have me fidgeting. Rachel Van Dyken doesn’t normally go that route so it was quite the surprise when I come across it, I do have to say!

My last set of words for ya? No surprise here that Rachel Van Dyken made it on my ‘re-read’ shelf with Dark Surrender. She nailed everything I’m looking for in a paranormal romance book as well as a few other little tidbits that I didn’t know I was looking for! Couldn’t ask for anything more on this one! Great job Rachel Van Dyken!



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2 thoughts on “Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga) Review – Hells ya Rachel Van Dyken!

  • Amanda Post author

    You’re very welcome Amy and I’ll gladly give you any insight on any books you’re maybe not sure about! Glad that they’ve been helpful for you! That’s the worst when you are not sure about a bk so you take a leap and it’s not at all what you were looking or hoping for. Or worse yet, when there’s a cliffhanger and there was no hint that there would be-absolute worst! Lol. I don’t know how many ‘”what the…? Noooooo!!”, fist shaking, want to throw my beloved kindle’ moments I’ve had with both issues, lol!

    Always a pleasure Amy and look forward to chatting with you 🙂 !

  • Amy

    I just downloaded this book. Super excited to read!! Thanks for putting up these reviews so I can have a little bit of insight on the book 😊