Crows Row Review – A soaring success for Julie Hockley

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Holy smoking pants on fire! Julie Hockley has given us an explosion of awesomeness with Crows Row! Get ready to let your inner bad self out, grab the sexy and unflattering running gear and prepare yourself to push innocent bystanders out of the way (you won’t even feel bad about it, I promise) to grab Crows Row!

Julie Hockley wrote a stellar romantic suspense with Crows Row and it’ll have you clutching whatever reading devise you have in a multitude of ways!

Oh My Sweet Little Possums, as always I will be honest with you, and say that I was intrigued right from the first sentence in the synopsis of Crows Row. I had that, finger to your chin “hmmmm, interesting. I’m listening. Please do go on Ms Julie Hockley,” moment by the end of the first ‘period’.

Now let’s all be truthful, when this happens we just pull the trigger and press “buy” no matter the cost or time it’ll take to read.

Lets Get Trigger Happy With Crows Row!

Julie Hockley’s, Crows Row will have that trigger happy finger going off and your butt will mold itself to your reading chair. Sooooo without further ado, I will let Crows Row out of it’s proverbial cage and start my review!

Birds Eye View Of Crows Row

Crows Row starts out with our Heroine, Emily or Emmy, whom is living in the projects and trying to deal with the grief of losing her beloved brother a few years back, taking her daily run to visit her brother’s graveside which resides in said projects. Although her parents are loaded, Emmy refuses any money from them, not wanting to owe them anything or contribute to the strained relationship that they have. Her living accommodations are something to be desired…and that’s putting it mildly but it is all she can afford on her part time salary working at the University Library.

Crows Row Is Unleashed

On one of Emmy’s daily jogs to her brother’s graveside, our mysterious Hero, along with his beast of a dog, enters into the picture. meatballOr maybe I should say that Meatball (our “sweet” beast) is unleashed and introduces himself in a rather rude manner by scaring the bejeezus out of Emmy and breaking her trusty walk man which is the start (unbeknownst to her) of their whirl wind of a relationship. A number of days pass when Cameron, our crime boss Hero, warns Emmy that it is not safe to be out running in that neck of the woods and that she best NOT be doing it any more.

Now, although Cameron scares her to the ‘possibly pee your pants’ point she is intrigued by all that is him. The public (even in the projects) seems to be scared of him and shy’s away. She knows she should too but……

Dive Bombed By Crows Row?

Of course Emmy doesn’t heed this warning (which I’m not totally sure if I would either if all I felt I had left in the world was my brother’s graveside) and thinks, ‘piss on you. You can’t tell me what to do!’. And finds herself to be part of a singular-all by herself-audience on one of her jogs to (and cue your internal, “ohhhhh boy, this is not good” feelers) a rather nasty murder and ends up kidnapped by our Hero, Cameron. YES YES YES! I said Cameron! Jerkface? It is looking that way…..or is it?

Crows Row Does NOT Disappoint In Suspense

emily-black-and-whiterThere comes a point (actually I had quite a few of these moments) where Emmy is not even sure if Cameron plans on killing her or just keeping her for some other terrible reason. (Yup, I was all like, “Cameron, I’m trying really hard to like you but by the looks of things you are NOT making my book boyfriend list! Total shame cause my list is awwwesome!!)cameron-black-and-white

Emmy comes to resolution that she will MAKE him want to keep her alive or not do terrible things with and will lure him into a false sense of security and then escape. But in this endeavour Emmy starts to lose sight of her plan. She begins to see a different side of Cameron, not just the crime boss but someone that is more. Her feelings become of a different nature and it’s not the ‘push him down the stairs and escape’ kind of nature, and that is where her plan starts to run awry.

This also leads to Emmy becoming friends with members of Cameron’s gang, mainly Cameron’s younger teenage brother, Rocco (whom you just can’t help but fall in love with and want to pinch his cheeks-even at 16yrs old), and developing a friendship in the most unlikely of circumstances or place.

The Dark Side of Crows Row….

A major situation comes about (a total wide eyed, nose pressed to your kindle, “Noooooo!” moment here folks!) that leaves Cameron, Emmy, and his gang reeling which is the start of their up and down relationship. It sends Cameron and his gang into a wily and almost unhinged state leaving Emmy to…..well, figure out what in the hell is going on with all that is her feelings and life in general.

Emmy is exposed to a multitude of mind blowing revelations;

1. Cameron is into some REALLY unsavoury business such as murder and the drug trade.

2. Learns that her brothers life was not at all what she had thought it was leaving her to cope with beloved memories tarnished.

3. She’s in love with a drug dealing, murdering crime boss, the only part of her brother that she has left is now muddied up do to Cameron and she has lost one of her close friends (**sneaky grin here** with that last little factoid).

She is devastated and forced to pick up the pieces of the chaos that she has been thrust into because of Cameron.

Is she able to accept her love for Cameron? If she can, will their love prevail? As much as we like to believe we all know love doesn’t always beat all…..

Is Crows Row All Black?

Julie Hockley delivered a book with complex characters-not just the main ones either. In Crows Row you get to feel the pain and loss that Emmy-and even Cameron for that matter-endures from start to finish. We are able to watch Cameron grow emotionally with Emmy. See his tight veneer start to show fissures. We are privy to the quirky and almost awkward (which had me giggling on more than one occasion) yet strong side of Emmy. As Crows Row continues Emmy and Cameron grow together in the midst of tragedy and the love between them just continues to build. Julie Hockley gave us an angst filled, a teensy bit dark of a read with just the right amount of push and pull in Crows Row.

My Final Thoughts On Crow’s Row?

My feelings on Julie Hockley’s, Crows Row, are a little mixed. While I did thoroughly enjoy Crows Row and it is on my shelf of re-read, there were things that bugged me.

Julie Hockley did give us a bit of a insta-love on Emmy’s side of things. (Yes, I said on EMMY’S side, you will have to read Crows Row in order to find out the juicy nugget about Cameron and prepare to have your mind BLOWN!!) Now, normally, insta-love annoys me on epic proportions. Somehow Crows Row didn’t hit that epic proportion level but it did annoy me, with that being said that is a personal preference, not a knock to the writing or book itself.

Another thing that kinda sorta made me feel a little…..jipped, is the smut factor is not as high as I normally like. Once again, personal preference, and it has nothing to do with Julie Hockley’s writing or even the story itself.

HOLD YOUR HORSES on putting the trigger happy finger away! I WILL say that Crows Row does make up for all of this in the character development and, lets call a spade a spade here, if character development isn’t there than the smut (or anything else for that matter) just doesn’t give you those…..(I’ll let you think of your own adjective here 😉 ) it really isn’t worth reading, in my opinion.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED how Julie Hockley was able pull off our Hero being and doing stuff that is so morally wrong and corrupt AND STILL manage to make him your alpha book boyfriend then that’s a success in my books. She somehow reigned in my inner 2 yr old tantrum and was successful in not having me throw my kindle with the insta-love thing. That right there is a huge feat all in its own. Julie Hockley, in my opinion (which we all know my is pretty much always right 😉 lol), did exactly all that in Crows Row!





P.S. I think it is only fair that I warn you that you will be left with that awful, “Wait, what?! WHAT THE?!?! Noooooo!! Blasted you cliffhanger!!!!” feeling that comes with the last page. But not to worry because Julie Hockley’s next book, Scare Crow, is available so you can avoid the impending tantrum that would have been thrown 🙂


As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this slightly dark romantic suspense so please feel free to leave your, off the cuff, pop into your head, thoughts in the comment section below or drop me an email at! 🙂

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