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Ha! I Win! Checkmate!

Get the pom poms ready, My Little Doves, cause you’re gonna be celebrating Kennedy Fox’s romantic comedy, Checkmate: This is War! Checkmate: This is War lives up to all of praises so no need to feel embarrassed for all the girly screams that are about to ensue for Kennedy Fox and her clear WIN with Checkmate: This is War!

This is not my first romantic comedy that I’ve read by Kennedy Fox, I had the pleasure if being introduced to her with, The Deal, and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Checkmate: This is War was no different which was a pleasant surprise since I wasn’t sure what to expect. I held off on this particular Kennedy Fox review because I wanted to wait until the second book to Checkmate: This Is War, Checkmate: This Is Love, was out and let me tell you! You will be thanking me because Kennedy Fox leaves us with hell of a cliffhanger in Checkmate: This is War!

Alright, I will stop my blathering, so park the hinney, grab your snack of choice-no judgment if it’s full box of Oreo’s either, and get ready for my review on Kennedy Fox’s, Checkmate: This is War!

We Get A Princess? Say What Now?

Checkmate: This is War is told in duel point of views, Viola Fisher-our heroine, and Travis King-our hero. I’m not sure if Checkmate: This is War would have worked as well as it did if it was just told from just a singular point of view so I was incredibly grateful that we were privy to both sides.

Viola is the little sister of Drew, whom is Travis’s childhood best friend, therefor has ALWAYS fallen into the friend zone whether either one of them liked it or not and as you can imagine this has caused for some serious….tension….on all sorts of levels. This tension is a hate filled resentment from Viola towards Travis. This hateful resentment wasn’t always there for Viola. No, her and Travis were incredibly close until Viola’s 13th birthday and that is when it all changed. Fast forward into adulthood and their “relationship” is one that is a hot mess….and it’s not the kind that you’re thinking!

Travis sees Viola as a prudish, Harry Potter loving geek that is holding on to her ‘V’ card like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, yet can’t stop himself from antagonizing her to no end. Viola knows why she hates and resents Travis and it has nothing to do with her being a prude, Harry Potter obsession and the ‘V’ card isn’t even an issue but everything to do with matters of the heart.

Viola gives as good as she gets from Travis but what happens when they are left by themselves without Drew to referee?

Does Viola keep her hardened heart out of the battle? Or does Travis soften that hard shell only to burn it once again?

All is fair in love and war but what about with matters of the heart?

Every War Has A King

Now Travis I found absolutely hilarious but was somewhat confused by his actions towards Viola at times. Some of the crap that came out of his mouth had me laughing like a deranged hyena but there were other times where I was like, “eeee, that was bad. I’m amazed she didn’t kiss your face with a chair for that one.”

Travis’s man whoring ways are a way of coping with Viola. I’m not going to go into detail about that cause it was a “mind=blown” moment and I’m not going to take that away from you. What I will say is that little does he know is that those very ways are what is fueling the ongoing battle and raging “hatred” that Viola feels for him. Travis has never hidden his amusement in riling up Viola and knows his promiscuous ways annoy her to no end but what happens when he is forced to be alone with Viola for two weeks?

Is Travis able to keep up his antics AND win the war? Or do his promiscuous ways and living like a “King” land up costing him the war….along with Viola?

What Does Kennedy Fox Give Us?

Kennedy Fox gives us a real push/pull, give and take read with Checkmate: This is War and she nailed the name. The “War” is seriously ‘ON’ between the two! I loved the mini battles they had against one and other and the “wins” that always seemed to backfire on both of them. All I have to do is think about the bathroom battle and I start giggling uncontrollably (No more tidbits for you!)!

Kennedy Fox delivers a popcorn worthy show of banter between Travis and Viola. The dry and quick witted one liners that Checkmate: This is War gave were just off the charts and made me want to remember them for myself for if a time ever arises.

I loved how Kennedy Fox had Travis and Viola come to accept their feelings for one and other yet still held their cards close to the vest. It isn’t overnight and it isn’t that super lovey-dovey type that makes you want to roll your eyes. No it’s believable, and to watch the love/hate relationship unravel and grow into something is brilliant!

Checkmate: This is War gives us two well rounded, strong willed characters that push each others boundaries right to the edge and it’s a total rush to watch! Kennedy Fox gift wraps a little bomb with Checkmate: This is War and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the explosion!

My Final Thoughts On Checkmate: This Is War?

Let me just start out saying that I thoroughly enjoyed Checkmate: This is War BUT there was one thing that got my dander up a teensy tiny bit. I found that it dragged a little. Not a lot but just a enough that there were a couple of times when I yelled at my poor Kindle (like it was her fault), “Come ON! JUST TELL HIM!!!”, and I may or may not have stomped around like a two year old a time or two. But in saying that, I DID enjoy how Kennedy Fox had Viola stick to her guns and didn’t put up with any of Travis’s crap throughout Checkmate: This is War. Kennedy Fox gave pretty much everything I am looking for in a romantic comedy with Checkmate: This is War. Now to the part that you little sex kittens are all waiting for….YES! Kennedy Fox hits EVERY sexy smexy mark that we know about…and some I didn’t know about! Holy panties…well lets just say you’re going to be needing a few to spare with Checkmate: This is War!

  1. Cackle loud enough to embarrass myself just a bit? Check
  2. Fist pumping in the air like a maniac? Check
  3. Hollering random, “OH! BURN!”, “Ha! Suck it!”, “OMG! That is GOLD!”? Check
  4. Sexy times that leave me a hot bothered mess? Check

Sooooo, would I read Kennedy Fox’s, Checkmate: This is War, again? You’re damn right I would, even with my dander a little dusted up, Kennedy Fox has given me I want in a romantic comedy in Checkmate: This is War.

Check and Mate for Kennedy Fox on Checkmate: This is War! Well played, Kennedy Fox, well played!




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P.S. Remember that Checkmate: This is Love is out so there is no need to throw a proper cliffhanger tantrum 😉

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