Checkmate: This Is Love Review- It’s all about the LOVE for Kennedy Fox

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Kennedy Fox Has Got Some Love In The Air!

Kennedy Fox nailed it with Checkmate: This is Love! Can’t wait to get your fingers on Checkmate: This is Love? Then get the “BUY” trigger finger happy and at the ready because Kennedy Fox has delivered her second book to Checkmate: This is War, Checkmate: This is Love!

I was soooo excited to read Kennedy Fox’s, Checkmate: This is Love! She left me with one heck of a cliffhanger in Checkmate: This is War so,  like a greedy little mouse, I didn’t waste a second on puchasing Checkmate: This is Love.  I will try to keep this review short, sweet and spoiler free so I will stop my chit chat and get on with Kennedy Fox’s very own, Checkmate: This is Love, review!

Any Redemption for King?

Checkmate: This is Love picks up roughly where Checkmate: This is War ended. Not exactly but pretty darn close. Once again Checkmate: This is Love is told in duel point of views and we are privy to Travis’ right of the binger which I will say, was a relief for me. I didn’t want to re-read what Viola was feeling since Kennedy Fox gave us a VERY good idea when she dropped the Drew’s ex girlfriend ‘Mia’ bomb! (Uhhh, yeah, I said ‘Drew’s ex girlfriend! Say what now? I know!) Travis is in tough shape after his accident and this is how and where things really start for Travis and Viola but what kind of ride is it?

Trust is a fickle thing but is always the foundation to every relationship so does the trust grow? Or does it crumble faster than a stale cookie?

Kennedy Fox Has Us On A Razors Edge

Oh man, I truly felt for Viola and my heart went out to her when Checkmate: This is War ended. I actually yelled,”NO!…Just NO! What the ever loving hell just happened?!” like a crazy lunatic when Kennedy Fox ended Checkmate: This is War but was just as frantic when we were privy to Viola’s point of view in Checkmate: This is Love.

Viola really isn’t sure what to believe or where to go with her feelings with Travis after the accident but just knows that she is willing to try and release her tight hold on the ‘trust reigns’ when it comes to Travis. Viola basically becomes Travis’s personal nurse (and it’s not the kind that just changes the bed pan and gets the hell out) and this leads to them continuing their relationship behind Drew’s back. Now it is not only Travis that is walking a razors edge on blowing trust to smithereens but Viola as well.

It’s not a ‘IF’ Drew finds out but a ‘WHEN’ Drew finds out what happens to the trust that Viola and Travis have built over the years? And what happens when yet another bomb is dropped on Viola’s trust in Travis? Does the shaky foundation crumble away and lead Viola to leave all that is dear to her? Or does love prevail?

My Final Thoughts On Checkmate: This Is Love?

I’ll be honest here, Checkmate: This is Love, didn’t hit all of my marks but that could be because I was expecting something different. It was not a bad book by any means and it’s not to say that I didn’t really enjoy myself, because I did. I just found that Viola let the whole ‘Mia’ bomb go just too quickly and it was all unicorns farting out glitter all over the place after that for a while. BUT in saying that, this lead to that hilarious banter and steamy sexy times that I loved in Checkmate: This is War, so it’s a pretty fair trade off in my opinion.

I will say though, that Kennedy Fox was able to pull some feelers out of me and it wasn’t just the fidgeting in my seat kind. Checkmate: This is Love gave me my fair share of laughing like a deranged idiot, eyes bulging, jaw dropping moments, sprinkled in with a good amount of mini tantrums on my part. If a book doesn’t deliver on these than as far as I’m concerned it’s almost a waste of a read-harsh I know but those are the rules My Little Poppets! Like I said, Kennedy Fox delivers all those in Checkmate: This is Love so it makes up for the little bump that irked me.

Soooo, was the Checkmate Duet my favourite reads? No. But would I recommend Kennedy Fox? Hell yes. Would I recommend reading Checkmate: This is War and Checkmate: This is Love? Damn right I would!



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