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C.M. Owens lit it up in this paranormal romance series!  C.M. Owens is spot on the mark with the first book, Blood’s Fury, in the Deadly Beauties Series! C.M. Owens gives us a touch of everything in the Blood’s Fury; vampires, witches and lycans, just to name a few! And then sneaks a few more in the rest of the Deadly Beauties Series 😉

Take a walk with me through my ‘Blood’s Fury review’ and see why I feel C.M. Owens‘ aced it with book 1, Blood’s Fury, in the Deadly Beauties Series! 

Book Title: Blood’s Fury
Series: Deadly Beauties Series
Author: C.M. Owens
Category:  Paranormal Romance
Published: February 2014
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks. 

About Our Author C.M. Owens

Very few authors can write a whole series centred around the same heroine and Hero without becoming redundant but C.M. Owens (known as Christie to family and friends) and the Deadly Beauties isn’t one of them. C.M. Owens stands proudly in defying and conquering these odds in Blood’s Fury, Poison’s Kiss, and Red Moon Secrets (Deadly Beauties Series).

Blood’s Fury and Hooked On The Game (The Sterling Shore Series) were the first to impact C.M. Owens’ career so it comes as no surprise that Blood’s Fury (and C.M. Owens herself!) found a home on the top 100 charts on Amazon in a number of categories! You can find C.M. Owens listed under a number of categories but not limited: young/new adult, college romance, romantic comedy, paranormal romance, vampire romance, and even romantic suspense!

Just to add to C.M. Owens awesomeness, she has made Blood’s Fury (Deadly Beauties Series) and Hooked On the Game (The Sterling Shore Series) FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks! All in all it’s a no brainer as to why C.M. Owens is as successful as she is and why Blood’s Fury (or any of her books for that matter) has found itself on a number of reading devices!

What Is ‘Blood’s Fury’ Story Line?

Alyssa, our heroine, is a human/witch that is months away from coming into immortality and becoming an incredibly strong witch. She has finally broken free of her Mother, and her overbearing ways, and is living in a small town called, Pine Shores. Unbeknownst to her Pine Shores is crawling with immortals that have no love for any witch or warlock and soon finds herself in a rather precarious situation.

Shortly into her new living arrangements she meets a sweet human man by the name of, Kane. Despite her not being allowed to have a relationship with someone outside of the immortal world, they find themselves starting a beautiful relationship. Every relationship has its challenges and Alyssa’s and Kane’s is no different. These challenges present themselves in the form of a girl named, Amy, and Alyssa’s Mother being abducted by enemies unknown.

We know Alyssa is not what she seems but she is not the only one holding a deadly secret.

Secrets have a chilling way of revealing themselves at the most unfortunate of times.

9 times out of 10 those secrets have deadly consequences.

Resulting in a level of fury that no one could ever imagine.

Never take anything at face value.

Kane and Alyssa would do well to remember this…

Blood’s Fury Highlights

Blood’s Fury is told primarily in Alyssa’s point of view but C.M. Owens does give snippets of Kane’s and it’s done in a really unique and enjoyable way. There’s a complexity to both Alyssa and Kane that keeps you guessing which results in beautifully well rounded characters.

The sideline characters are well developed and don’t feel like an after thought. C.M. Owens gives us villains that make us yell like a person crazy person which in turn results in us liking the others that much more!

There is no shortage of suspense and it’s quick paced! You truly don’t know what in the world is going to happen next and tear through the pages like a speed demon.

Blood’s Fury smut factor is pretty even sided. There’s not a ton of it and it doesn’t fall into the erotic area. But C.M. Owens does gives us some rather steamy moments to satisfy that inner smut fiend.

Why I Loved ‘Blood’s Fury’?

I loved how I never know what was going to happen! I’d think, “oh yeah, it’s definitely this” only to be thrown right off the track and wandering around aimlessly! Best part? It wasn’t annoying!

There is an underlying humour in Blood’s Fury that I wasn’t expecting but really enjoyed. It wasn’t an ‘all up in my business’ type of humour, more subtle which had me giggling on more than one occasion.

I say this with fork tongue because we all know I DESPISE cliffhangers! And C.M. Owens gives us a flipping doozy at the end of Blood’s Fury! BUT I did love that every chapter left me with one and had me saying, “yes, it is 1:00 am but I’ll just finish this next chapter then go to bed” too many times to count!


C.M. Owens delivers everything a paranormal romance should be in Blood’s Fury! Vampires, witches, shape shifters, and werewolves…and a few others 😉

There isn’t a hint of skimming in Blood’s Fury which is exactly the way it should be in any paranormal romance , especially one that falls into the romantic suspense category.

C.M. Owens doesn’t short side us in any aspect in Blood’s Fury which results in a stellar break from reality and you can’t ask for more than that!

Does C.M. Owens continue the Deadly Beauties train of awesome in Poison’s Kiss and Red Moon Secrets? Yes! They all follow Blood’s Fury’s footsteps!




Any thoughts on my review for the Deadly Beauties, Blood’s Fury? Or Blood’s Fury itself? I’d love to hear them pop them down below or shoot me an email at:

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6 thoughts on “C.M. Owens – Blood’s Fury, Deadly Beauties Series

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Amy!

    I have to agree with you on all accounts! C.M. Owens has a spin off series called, ‘The Deadly Beauties Live On’. I have yet to read this series but if you happen to I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

    You’re very welcome for writing the review! I’m so glad that you enjoyed them and that we got to share our love for the Deadly Beauties Series 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping in and chatting with me 🙂


  • Amy

    I have just finished reading the “Deadly Beauties” series and I loved it!!!! I could not put my kindle down! The way the characters different point of views are revealed through their own chapters made the books all that more interesting. I also enjoyed the ending as it did not leave me feeling like the book had just ended. It had a nice flow right to the end which brought closure. All in all I will be reading more CM Owens books. Again, thank you for doing a review on this book as it was a great find!

  • Amanda Post author

    Hey there Amy!
    I’m so glad that you liked it as much as I did/do! I had a many nights where I stayed up WAYYYY too late, lol.
    Lol, the super sexy times aren’t for everyone but I’m glad that even with that part of it missing the mark, you’re still loving the book! I’m glad that that’s the reason for your skimming and not because you’re just not enjoying the bk itself.

    Thanks so much for stopping in to chat with me again 🙂


  • Amy Cloutier

    I just finished reading Blood’s Fury and it was awesome!!! It was nice to find a book that I could not put down. There were a couple late nights because I could not wait to see what happened. I will admit I did skim a little bit because I did not like the steamy sex parts. Other than that this book is so good! I am definitely buying the rest of the series. Thank you for doing a review on this book and helping me decide it was a good choice for me!

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Mike!

    Thanks! That’s very kind of you to say! It has been mentioned a time or two that I do have a particular style to my writing so it’s nice to hear that you enjoyed it 🙂

    Ha! I may just turn you over to the dark, steamy side of reading (lol)!

    The best advice I can give was bestowed upon me by a wise old man (well, actually, I have no idea how old he is but he’s wise none the less); Blogging is very similar to chatting or visiting with someone so write as if they’re sitting right in front of you!
    Reading is something I’m incredibly passionate about and I love sharing that passion with everyone and anyone.
    If you’ve found a passion, share it Mike.
    I was incredibly blessed to find a mentor to help guide me through putting my passion to this very website and now I share that passion with the world.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review (even when it’s not up your alley) and stopping in to chat with me 🙂


  • mike

    Nice review! Very informative and I love your writing style, really honest, refreshing and down to earth.
    I will be honest I am not that into romance novels but I have been researching how to create a blog and I came across your review on the first page of Google which is amazing accomplishment.
    Your review has a nice flow and very well laid out, a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work and if theres any advice you could give an aspiring blogger I would welcome any advice, thanks Mike.