Braving the Elements Review – K.F. Breene has another stellar hit!

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No Bravado Needed Here with K.F. Breene’s, Braving the Elements

Like I said, you can stow the bravado, no need for the big girl or boy knickers for Braving the Elements. You just strut your stuff right down to Chapters or your couch….or where ever your reading device is, and purchase your very own copy of K.F. Breene’s second book, Braving the Elements, in the Darkness Series. And once you have done that praise yourself on your awesomeness, a job well done, nestle yourself in your comfy chair, and crack (physically and proverbially) that Brave the Elements book spine cause K.F. Breene gives us one hell of read!

My Sneaky Peek At Into The Darkness

Where do I even start with Braving the Elements? Well, I shall tell you My Little Buttercups! K.F. Breene truly has done it again with this one and I can honestly say that have been many times when I have gone and reread Braving the Elements before Into the Darkness. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that! As we all know by now K.F. Breene leaves us with a bit of doozy of a cliffhanger with Into the Darkness-I’m not embarrassed to say that I threw a toddler tantrum and pouted for a good few days over that one; she had not written Braving the Elements yet.

So with all that being said, I will stop my yammering and let K.F. Breen’s Braving the Elements review commence!

The Softer Side Of Braving The Elements

Right off the get go we start with Sasha being dropped into the deep end of the pool (not literally obviously) and is forced to live in this whole new world. She has accepted the fact that she is different than the ‘regular’ world and just didn’t fit in there but is quickly realizing that she doesn’t necessarily fit into this new one. Not only is she slapped in the face with that unwelcoming news flash but she is quickly learning that she is MUCH more than what everyone first thought.

Her magic is making itself known and it is making her a bit of a walking power keg and, let me tell you, the magic is coming out in some pretty disastrous ways. Ways that have her and Charles…..and anyone within a 1 mile radius of her running for their lives (so many of these ways had me cackling like a deranged buffoon!).
Of course, we all know that Sasha is probably one of the most laid back heroines that we’ve come across and for the most part takes everything in stride but even she can only take so much. Her love life is non existent….sorta (***sneaky evil grin aimed your way here My Little Doves***) and her ever standing support system is long gone.

How does one keep picking herself up over and over….and over some more only to be knocked down again and have no one to help pick her up?

What does one do when the only support pillar you had is no longer there?

Does Sasha continue to pick herself up on her own and hone her magic that is lighting her up like a beacon in the pitch black of night?

Or does she continue to flirt with danger and lead herself to self destruction? All whilst scaring the shit out of poor Charles….

Braving The Elements Brings Out A New Stefan?

Now we all watched and giggled like school girls at the “Boss” Stefan’s expense in Into the Darkness but Braving the Elements brings a fairly different “Boss”. I’m not going to give you many little nuggets on this one cause I think little tingler’s are better suited when it comes to Stefan here.

We do get to see him struggle in a completely different way with Sasha. Don’t get me wrong he still bumbles around like a stoned cat and it’s still comical to watch but you are left with more “eeee, I don’t envy you at all but still want kinda want to drop kick you”, and “what the hell?! You CANNOT be that dense! Of course that’s a big fat ‘NO NO!'” feelings than before. He’s still his bad assery self, doesn’t lack in the jerk department, but there are other…..players involved here and this sends him blundering about which results in some pretty……

Ha! That is all the Stefan nuggets for YOU! Aaaaand cue my down right evil laughter here!!

What Does K.F. Breene’s Give Us In Braving The Elements?

K. F. Breene gives us a whole new experience with Braving the Elements and it flows flawlessly from Into the Darkness. Once again, there were no one dimensional characters here. Somehow she had them grow and develop more dimensions.

K.F. Breene was able to show the vulnerable yet incredibly strong side to our heroine and she pulled this off with a bit of an edge. We were still privy to the comical wild side that makes Sasha….well Sasha. I wan’t sure how she was going to be able to do that but accomplished it seamlessly.

Our look into Stefan is one that doesn’t fall short either. K.F. Breene delivers Stefan in a different light here, and it’s a light that I wasn’t expecting. The way she forces Stefan to grow and come to terms with his own slew of new feeling and….soft side (for lack of better wording) is remarkable and once again done with an ‘easy roll’ that just works.

Sasha and Stefan grow on so many of the same levels but still on opposite sides of the spectrum. It’s unbelievable and how one does that I don’t know but that is exactly what K.F. Breene gives us with Braving the Elements!

My Final Thoughts On Braving The Elements?

Alrighty, as we all know, my opinion matters most. Just kidding just kidding!

Braving the Elements gave me pretty much everything I’m looking for in a fantasy, supernatural and paranormal romance. I loved how K.F. Breene still delivered, if not more, comedy and hilarity but didn’t distract from the actual story line and still managed to successfully pull off the seriousness without it being awkward. The suspense is there like no other and the curve balls she threw had my jaw making friends with my floor; unattractive? Yes. Worth the unattractive moment? Another resounding YES! The sexy smexy times had a different element to them in Braving the Elements and oddly enough I found myself enjoying them that much more.

How in the deuce K.F. Breene was able to pull ALL this off WITH well rounded characters is amazing all in itself yet somehow she did this in Braving the Elements! Definitely on my ‘reread’ bookshelf and I have pulled this book often. K.F. Breene’s, Braving the Elements, got a slam dunk with this one!






As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this explosive, titillating  and all around fantastic romance book so please feel free to share YOUR favourite moments or thoughts in the comment section below or drop me an email at 🙂

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