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Couldn’t Have Asked For Anything Better!

Holy crappers, My Little Gumdrops! I’m just gonna throw this out there right now, Celia Aaron’s, Blackwood was NOT at all what I was expecting. Mind you, I went into this one pretty much blind. I read the first three sentences of the synopsis, then skipped down to the last two,  and then flew to the “BUY” button faster than a throwing ninja star!

I’m usually a little more selective in my mystery/suspense romance books but the cover sucked me in and like I said, those last two sentences…..yeah, they did me in. I will try to keep my review short as to not spoil any of its…..Ha! I’m not saying anymore! So prepare yourselves; park the hinney, grab your snack of choice-whether that be a pint of Chapman’s or 1 Kg of M&M’s (absolutely no judgement here), and the latte we all have secret affairs with, because my Blackwood review is about to start!

Nothing Is Cut And Dry

Blackwood is told from our heroine, Elise or “Red”, point of view and it starts out with Elise on our Hero, Garret Blackwood’s, front porch. It would be safe to say that their first ‘meet and greet’ did not go quite as stellar as Elise was hoping for.

Elise is on a quest to find out what exactly happened in the disappearance of her father and she feels all the answers lie hidden within the mysterious, rumor riddled, Blackwood property. She is also a archaeology student working on her PhD and may or may not be using this as a cover (she totally is using this as a cover) to legally allow her access on to the property.

The foreboding, albeit gorgeous, Garret flat out refuses her access and basically tells her what to do with those permission to trespass forms-and it isn’t a pleasant endear. Elise has never taken no for an answer and she wasn’t about to start now sooooo she grants herself permission (this actually had me giggling and saying, “nice” out loud).

Her first jont on the Blackwood property does not go entirely as planned, as in not at all, and she finds herself in Garret’s possession! Now, I will tell you! This is where things really went sideways in ways that I just didn’t see coming!

Does Elise find the clues she’s looking for on the Blackwood property?

Or does she stumble upon them in the elusive, daunting, Garret?

Does Elise discover that Garret live up to the disturbing rumors that plague him?

Or does Elise find the same fate as her father in her quest?

What Does Celia Aaron Give Us In Blackwood?

Celia Aaron gives us a heroine with Elise, that just hits all the marks. Elise has the strength that every heroine should have and she is complimented with a good dash of sass but also beholds a softness to her. She has had to deal with some really heartbreaking tribulations in her life and it’s truly remarkable on how Celia Aaron wove Elise into the strong but not bitter character that she is. Elise possessed some little traits that I just didn’t see coming and they really threw me for a loop, resulting in some pretty unflattering eye bulging moments on my part.

Celia Aaron delivers our Hero, Garret, on a pretty, f&%cked up, platter and she nails it with us falling in love with him. There’s so much to Garret and I’m not even really sure on where to start other than when he REALLY made his debut in Blackwood he did it with a bloody bang! Garret posses so many of the qualities that we all love in our Heros; broody, mysterious, unbelievably sexy, and then that touch of sensitive, all rolled into one. But I will say, Garret does have a darkness to him, one that could have knocked me over with a feather. I won’t give you anymore on that little nugget other than it totally came out of left field and had me dropping the biggest ‘Holy F-Bomb’ on more than one occasion.

Celia Aaron has Elise and Garret grow at the same pace but in completely different ways. She cultivates their inner insecurities into something beautiful and it’s pretty darn miraculous to watch!

My Final Thoughts On Blackwood?

I’ll lay it all out there, Celia Aaron frigging nailed it for me on this one! Blackwood really and truly has everything I am looking for in a mystery/suspense romance. I’d even go as far as to say that it had more than I what I look for!

My utmost, hands-down, favourite part of this book was that every chapter ended with one doozy of a cliffhanger! And that’s a bold statement coming from me! Cliffy’s that literally had me saying, “ok, just one more chapter, then you MUST go to bed Amanda!” I loved how I never knew when or what bomb was going to be dropped next!

Celia Aaron gave me the dynamic characters that I crave and added so many extra little tidbits that were just so unexpected. She had me mumbling to myself, “sweet fancy, that is not at all how I seen Elise playing that one…” and “Garret you are your own brand of….I don’t even know but it’s definitely something” on more than three or four occasions.

Now, where does Blackwood fall on the sexy smexy, hot and bothered scale? Oh how about….OFF THE CHARTS!!!! I don’t feel an ounce of exaggeration in that either and it could possibly be that the sexy times was just so…..not what I was expecting…like at all! Loved it none the less!

So, my final thoughts are that Celia Aaron has made it on my “author’s to troll” list and also put Blackwood on my ‘re-read’ shelf. And I will be coming back to it often. As far as I’m concerned, Celia Aaron couldn’t have done a better job with Blackwood!



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2 thoughts on “Blackwood Review – “WOW!” is all I can say for Celia Aaron!!

  • Amanda Post author

    Hi Amber!

    I’m so glad that you “LOVED IT” lol!
    You’re very welcome My Dear! Thank you for taking the time to pop in and read my review! It’s greatly appreciated and I enjoyed chatting 🙂


  • Amber

    Just finished this book and I LOVED IT!!!!! Thanks so much for reviewing it! Ive never read anything by Celia Aaron before but she’ll be on my list to stalk now, lol!

    Thanks Amanda!