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Bad Husband?…Interesting…Intrigued…

Bad Husband you say? Hmmmm, I’m not so sure Shey Stahl because I’d have to say that you gave us a goodie with Bad Husband! If you’ve never read anything by Shey Stahl then, Bad Husband, is a great romantic comedy to start with! Have the trigger happy finger on the “Buy” buttons for Bad Husband by Shey Stahl!

I will be honest (as always-I’m a horrendous liar) and say that I was quite skeptical when I went into Shey Stahl’s, Bad Husband. I normally gravitate to the romance novels that are about the journey TO marriage, not already AT that destination. Little secret here My Possums; the guy on the cover is what sucked me in (I was having a book cover whore moment-no shame in that at all either, My Poppets!) 😉 lol. So without further ado, I will go forth with my review on Shey Stahl’s, Bad Husband!

Affirmative! The Bomb Has Been Dropped!

Bad Husband is told in our Hero, Ridley Cooper’s, point of view. Bad Husband starts out with Ridley receiving divorce papers at a construction jobsite and let me tell you, I found myself feeling just as confused as him with the little sexy tidbits he gives us in those first few pages!

We get a good look into Ridley’s character right away and can truly see the caring father and husband that he is. His biggest flaw is that he is completely oblivious to the life that is outside of his custom home building construction business. Yeahhhh, that obliviousness comes to an abrupt end when he sets his eyes on those divorce papers and has him scrambling to figure what in the hell JUST happened and where in the hell he went wrong. As far as he knew life was all unicorns farting out rainbows willy nilly but apparently his wife, Madison, feels much different about said life. Ridley starts the crusade to show the love of his life how much he truly does love her and everything that their life entails.

Is he successful on bridging the canyon that ‘suddenly’ appeared and giving the boys what they’ve been missing?

Or does this crusade crash and burn once all the truths are out in the open?

What Does Shey Stahl Give Us?

Shey Stahl gives us a ‘true’ look at everyday life for each and everyone of us in Bad Husband and she does it without being mundane. Not necessarily the exact same situations but just that life gets away from all of us at one point and that our relationships-whether it be with our kids, spouse, siblings, whomever-can be put to the way side so easily without a conscious thought on our behalf. Bad Husband is a great representation of this but Shey Stahl adds in a good dose of humour with Ridley’s journey.

Ridley’s internal thoughts are just hilarious and had me laughing out loud on so many occasions and also thinking, “I wonder if my hubby thinks like this from time to time?”. He had so many moments where I just couldn’t help but feel for him and his frantic bumbling around.

I loved to see his interactions with his sons. I just had such a soft spot for our 7 year old, Callan, and to watch Ridley and Callan nourish the bond that they had was absolutely beautiful. Even when Callan was scaring the shit out of Ridley with his obsession of bombs or unintentionally making him feel like an idiot, lol. Three year old Noah had me laughing and cringing on more than one occasion and to see how Ridley handled this little terror was hysterical!

Shey Stahl gives us a front row seat to how Ridley and Madison grew together as young adults and eventually slowly grew apart as they built a family, and then mend back together throughout Bad Husband. Bad Husband gives us so many facets to Ridley Cooper and I just loved watching it all unfold!

My Final Thoughts On Bad Husband?

I have mixed feelings on Shey Stahl’s, Bad Husband. I did really enjoy myself, there’s no doubt about that, and I give Ridley, Callan, and Noah credit for that.

I really didn’t enjoy Madison which is out of the norm for me because I usually find the heroine quite refreshing when the story is told from the Hero’s point of view. I just didn’t agree with her methods and actions and wanted to give her a smack to the head more than once but I’m not in her shoes so I kinda feel like a jerk for judging and saying that. I just know that my actions would be much different from hers. Maybe if we would have gotten just a couple of chapters from her point of view in Bad Husband than maybe I would have understood her thought process and actions a little more.

I will say though that Shey Stahl gave us a true look at what everyday life is like with a busy family and actually made it relate-able. I can attest to that and there are some days where, I swear, my husband and I barely get to say ‘hi’ to one and other. Shey Stahl voiced many trials, tribulations, and real issues that arise everyday-whether you’re a couple or married with kids-but still somehow managed to give Bad Husband a bit of a lighter spin. I got just the right amount of serious and laugh my ass off all rolled into one. Bad Husband had me feeling as if I was actually present in his life, a fly on the wall so to speak, and I loved every minute of it!

The sexy smexy times were steamy but it wasn’t overdone which I really appreciated.

Soooo, was Bad Husband my favourite romantic comedy? No, it wasn’t. Did I hate it? Absolutely not! Were there things that irked me? Yes. But would I recommend Shey Stahl’s, Bad Husband? Definitely! Bad Husband has that ‘real feel’ quality to it that I really enjoy and Shey Stahl gave me the perfect balance of light/comedy, somewhat outlandishness, with a good dash of spice (you know for my inner fiend 😉 ) in this romantic comedy! Great job Shey Stahl!




I never get tired of hearing your thoughts so please feel free to leave your feelers on this romantic comedy by Shey Stahl in the comments sections below or if that doesn’t suit your fancy you can always drop me an email at 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bad Husband Review – Not bad at all Shey Stahl!

  • Brandy

    Hi Amanda!

    This was a great review and a good book. I totally agree on the real feel and the same things annoyed me too with Madison except I don’t feel like a jerk! Lol.

    Thanks for the suggestion