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Aubrey Parr delivers all sorts of love in this light contemporary romance series! ‘Love On The Malecon’ is the first book in the ‘Love on…’ Series with, Love On Ocean Drive and Gas Up The Jet, Baby: New Yorkfollowing behind. Honestly, Aubrey couldn’t have started this ‘Love on…’ Series any better than she did with Love On The Malecon! Aubrey Parr gives us an armament of romance goodies in Love On The Malecon; sweet, sexy, and a touch of suspense, just to name a few!

Take a walk with me through my Love On The Malecon review and see why I feel Aubrey Parr couldn’t have started the ‘Love on…’ Series any better than she did in Love On The Malecon!

Book Title: Love On The Malecon
Series: Love on…
Author: Aubrey Parr
Category:  Contemporary Romance (vacation romance)
Published: July 2016
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks. 

About Our Author Aubrey Parr

You’d never be able to tell that Aubrey Parr started her career out in accounting and not writing OR that she waited until she was 40 years old to publish her first book, Love On The Malecon, in the Love on…Series!

The talented Aubrey is not the only author in the family as her great uncle; author Evan S. Connell Jr, played a role in her following her dream of becoming an author.

Love On The Malecon or the ‘Love on…’ Series in general is an open and closed case of just how talented Aubrey Parr is. There is a unique style to Aubrey’s writing and Love On The Malecon, Love On Ocean Drive, Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New Yorkshowcase just how that unique style is a thing of beauty!

I do not know Aubrey on a personal level but I did have a couple interactions with her on twitter and I can say without a doubt that I would love to actually meet her! Even though I had never read Love Of The Malecon or anything in the ‘Love on…’Series, she was just happy to meet and connect with a fellow reader! That sweetness flows into the words she puts to paper and you just can’t ask for much more than that 😉

What Is ‘Love On The Malecon’ Story Line?

Love On The Malecon starts out with our heroine, Nicole, deciding to spontaneously take a trip to Mexico right after her Dad’s funeral. This trip isn’t just any trip though, Puerto Vallarta was her Dad’s favourite place to travel and she is wanting to share those memories, even if he won’t physically be there. As if this situation can’t get any harder her boyfriend, Andrew, of three years couldn’t be bothered to come forcing Nicole to take the trip by herself.

Derek, our Hero, spots Nicole the minute she walks into his hotel, Playa Vallarta, and he wastes no time in showing his interest. Although, Derek has a “no dating guests” rule he makes an exception with Nicole and this is the start of a beautiful whirl wind of a relationship that is all “Derek and Nicole”!

Derek holds Nicole’s hand in her journey of exploring her Dad’s favourite place and taking in the same beauty that blessed him every time he visited.

But not everyone is happy to see all the beauty that encompasses Nicole and Derek.

And they take drastic measures to show their displeasure….

What I Loved About Love On The Malecon

Love On The Malecon is told in duel point of view! I loved seeing and feeling the depth and internal struggles that both Nicole and Derek had with themselves over one and other!

This is a completely personal thing but I do feel that it is noteworthy. The food that Aubrey describes in Love On The Malecon sounds frigging fantastic and amazing! My mouth watered every time Nicole and Derek ate!

Aubrey Parr did an outstanding job of making me feel like I was experiencing Mexico right along side Nicole and Derek. Love On The Malecon had a way of making you feel all the emotions that Nicole and Derek were feeling and taking you on the journey of them finding themselves as well as their journey in finding one and other.

The Love On The Malecon had a nice, light and breezy feel to it and the smut level matched that. It was less than what I prefer but I believe had Aubrey Parr chosen to go with a smuttier vibe Love On The Malecon may have lost that breezy flow so in this case, I actually didn’t mind the smut being less.

I loved that I was thrown for a loop on more than one occasion in Love On The Malecon! Aubrey Parr delivered on the suspense and had my eyebrows raising and saying, “Sweet Crickey! I did NOT see that coming!” I wasn’t expecting for the Love On The Malecon to sucker punch me with any of that but I’ll admit, I did enjoy the punches!


If there was ONE thing that I would knock Love On The Malecon it would be the insta-love that happened between Nicole and Derek but I know that is 100% personal preference. That little bit has absolutely nothing to do with Aubrey Parr’s stellar writing or Love On The Malecon storyline itself.

Aubrey gives us a nice happy escape with this contemporary romance. Love On The Malecon has the perfect balance of fun, sweet, sexy, and suspense, all wrapped up into one!

Aubrey Parr won my heart with Love Of The Malecon and there’s no doubt that she’ll win other hearts over just the same! And continue to do so with the rest of the ‘Love on…Series‘ in Love On Ocean Drive and Gas Up The Jet, Baby: New York! 



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