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Aubrey Parr’s 3rd book in the Love On…Series, ‘Gas Up the Jets Baby: New York’ is a fun, short and sweet contemporary romance novella. ‘Gas Up the Jets: New York’ is the first novella in the Love On…Series and Aubrey’s solid writing still shines. Where Love On The Malecon and Love On Ocean Drive run an average of 2oo pages, Aubrey Parr wrote ‘Gas Up the Jets Baby: New York’ just shy of 100 pages, and despite this fact, Aubrey still delivered a bit of everything in ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’!

Take a gander through my review on Aubrey Parr’s ‘Gas Up the Jets: New York’ and see my take on the Love On…Series’ first novella!

Book Title: Gas Up the Jets Baby: New York (Bk 3, Novella)
Series: Love On…Series
Author: Aubrey Parr
Category:  Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance Novella.
Published: April 2017
Where To Buy: Amazon , Chapters, iBooks.

About Our Author Aubrey Parr

You’d never be able to tell that Aubrey Parr started her career out in accounting and not writing OR that she waited until she was 40 years old to publish her first book, Love On The Malecon, followed with Love On Ocean Drive, then the 3rd book in the Love on…Series’ yet first novella, ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’!

The talented Aubrey is not the only author in the family as her great uncle; author Evan S. Connell Jr, played a role in her following her dream of becoming an author.

Aubrey harbours a unique style to her writing and Love On The Malecon, Love On Ocean Drive, and ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ showcases how that unique style is a thing of beauty!

My first few words with Aubrey Parr were actually centred around ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ which lead me to reading the Love On…Series first book, Love On The Malecon. I chat with Aubrey quite often on Twitter and Facebook and I can say without a doubt that I would love to actually meet her! Even though I had never read anything in the ‘Love on…’Series, she was just happy to meet and connect with a fellow reader! That sweetness flows into the words she puts to paper and you just can’t ask for much more than that 😉

What Is ‘Gas Up The Jets, Baby: New York’ Story Line?

‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ starts out with Nicole and Kate taking a spur of the moment weekend trip to New York but just before they start their girls weekend they come across Lauren, whom hours prior happened to walk in on her boyfriend in a very compromising situation in their bed, sitting by herself resembling a small tug boat lost at sea.

Nicole, being the soft hearted soul she is, and Kate, being the sharp savvy gal that she is, take it upon themselves to take their new found friend into their fold resulting in Lauren coming aboard for the New York weekend getaway!

Once the trio are settled in their swanky hotel they decide to grab a drink down in the hotel bar which is where they meet, Zane. There is an instant spark between Zane and Lauren and it doesn’t go unnoticed either by Nicole and Kate….or by Zane’s manager, Rich. After a whirlwind of day shopping with Lauren’s new found friends she finds herself behind the bar with Zane and their connection sizzles and ignites!

Lauren’s brother Cameron, a New York Police Officer, knew that the hotel the girls are staying had a number of unsolved assault cases where the unknown perpetrator was never caught. Cameron not knowing what Zane intentions are with his baby sister, he it makes his mission to find out just what Zane wants with his sister and who he is!

But it may not be Zane that Cameron needs to be worrying about…

What I Struggled With In ‘Gas Up The Jets, Baby: New York’

I found the character development to be a tad lacking, resulting in me struggling to connect with Lauren and Zane. But in saying that, that’s an incredibly tough feat to accomplish in less than 100 pages and I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a book or author that accomplished that in that little of pages.

This is a personal pet peeve but it drives me right cray cray none the less, and that being insta-love!!! If insta-love is your thing or it doesn’t bother you at all then ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ is perfect for you!

What I Like In ‘Gas Up The Jets, Baby: New York’

Given ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ is a novella, I really didn’t there would be any suspense in there but was pleasantly surprised that Aubrey Parr delivered that little nugget to me!

Despite me natural gravitation towards the super smutty, erotic scenes, I didn’t mind that Aubrey didn’t go this way in ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’. I think it would have just been unbelievable had she gone this route and possibly straight up annoying.

In my opinion, Aubrey Parr does a straight up wicked job of putting a well rounded, dynamic plot together and then executing it! It’s weird cause although I lacked the connection with Lauren and Zane, I connected with the plot and storyline-a conundrum I know but a fact none the less.


Aubrey Parr does a wonderful job with Love On…Series 3rd book, ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’. ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ is a quick, light contemporary romance with a touch of suspense. If you’re looking for another Aubrey Parr read but with a bit more depth and length than Love On The Malecon and Love On Ocean Drive in the Love On…Series are a sure fire read! Not my favourite in the Love On…Series but can’t dispute that Aubrey Parr’s ‘Gas Up the Jets, Baby: New York’ is still a nice afternoon read!



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