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About Amanda

Hi Everyone!

I’ll be honest, I had been out of the reading scene for a number of years, unless you count college studying a great past time and lets be frank….that’s not normally on peoples (including me) list of things that are awesome. I started back up about five years ago for two reasons; life threw me a curve ball and left a mountain of stress (more than the usual) to cope with. I needed a break and outlet from all of the craziness. An escape into another world so to speak. Reading gave me that. The second reason was the insistent pestering from my younger sister that reading a good book was equivalent to chocolate-and not the crappy cheap kind of chocolate! I have to admit that I am eternally grateful for the constant, “man Amanda, you really NEED to read this!”. She even got me hooked on a totally different genre, one that I stayed away from with a ten foot pole, paranormal romance. My norm and go to genre WAS contemporary romance but things have changed. So now here I am, a reading romance addict!

Now for the good, great, bad, and ugly!

With my addiction I have broaden my genre horizons drastically and branched out into all sorts of romance. I have read my fair share of books that left me with the feeling of, “holy smoking fire pants! That was insane!”, to “Awww, now that was nice *happy face inserted here*”, and “what the?!?!?! Noooo! Damn you cliffhanger!”. BUT also (I’m sure you can all relate) ones that left the feeling of,  “huh…well…that was something…”, to “I don’t even know what I just read but that was definitely a miss…”.  I have designed a website to save you time, money and frustration by providing you with my opinion on books in a number of different genres, information on e-readers, and so much more!

I would love to hear your comments, chat with you, or answer any questions that you may have! Feel free to also privately message me at amanda@loveofromancenovels.com and I look forward to sharing our love of all things romance!





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